Flowery & Girly

I made this dress last weekend and am pretty happy with it.  It is taken from a Burda magazine pattern (02/11).  I am not super happy with the fit, but my fault for not trying it on a million times and playing with it.  The shoulders are a bit wide for my liking, but perhaps I should have cut it a couple of sizes smaller in that area.  I altered the pattern to have the zip in the back rather than the side since it had pockets.  I like that the dress will be good in summer by itself and in winter with tights and a cardi.  I like the pattern and colour a lot so look out for a top soon in my left over fabric!

One thing I am not happy about is after I cut the dress and was most of the way through making it, I discovered the fabric has a flaw, right in the middle of the front.  I am sure no-one else will notice, or has since I started wearing it, but still it is frustrating. Also, not happy with the puckering under the bust.
Edit – wish I had seen this post from Ginger Makes, then I might not have given this a go…*sigh*
Last but not least, here is a picture of my gorgeous kitty Sundar – isn’t he adorable?!

4 thoughts on “Flowery & Girly

  1. I don't think I did the thinner straps on purpose, it was a by-product of trying to get it to fit in the shoulders. It was a bit wide. Not sure I will use this pattern again.

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