Got the Blues – Part 2 – the jacket

As promised, here are pictures of the jacket I made to go with this dress.  I used Simplicity 3538, a Project Runway pattern.  I made the longer view with the gathered front and straight vented sleeves.

This jacket is super comfortable and seems to go with loads of my existing wardrobe, so even though I know I won’t get a lot of wear out of the dress, the jacket is going to get a lot of wear especially at the moment with our semi-warm days, too cold for a t-shirt, but too hot for a heavy jumper.

My favourite part of the jacket is the surprise fun polka dot satin lining:

This was a super easy make although I did change the instructions slightly to get a cleaner finish on the inside. The pattern calls for a separate facing and then full lining underneath, but I combined the two so the inside only has seams around the armholes, which I have bound in red bias binding. I know I could have done it with no visible seams at all, but I was on a tight time frame as I was trying to finish it the night before I needed to wear it. As it turned out, the weather was lovely for the wedding and I didn’t require the jacket after all.

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