Ruffle Merino Top


I bought some lovely soft NZ merino recently and knew the exact top I was wanting to make. Of course I didn’t have the exact pattern so modified one I already had, McCalls M4517.


I made the plain round neck top with long sleeves. I then set about constructing the ruffle. I cut a piece of merino approximately 120cm long by 15cm and folded it in half wrong sides together and sewed each end. I then turned it the right way out and serged the tube closed, and then ran a gathering stitch through to create the ruffle.

Starting where I wanted the ruffle to finish I then placed the ruffle on the top fiddling until I got the placement right. Once happy, I pinned it in place and marked with tailors chalk the line as it would have to moved around a bit to sew.


To stitch the ruffle in place I started at the bottom row, holding the other rows out of the way and stitched the row in place. Each row was stitched individually.


I don’t normally sew knit garments having had some bad experiences in the past but this one sewed up nicely with none of the puckering dramas I have had in the past.  I sewed most of it with my serger and the seams under stress with a stretch stitch.  I also reinforced the shoulder seam with ribbon.  After this experience I may sew some more knit garments soon, I especially love the Merino it was lovely to sew and is toasty warm and comfy to wear.  Perhaps a bright colour for the next garment, I seem to be on a black theme right now – blame Winter!

5 thoughts on “Ruffle Merino Top

  1. I do love merino fabric – so easy to wear and look after! I'm loving the ruffle you've done on this – takes it from a standard simple top to something a bit more special!

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