My Debonair Little Jumper

I really think I must be the slowest knitter in the world, I have finally finished the jumper I was supposed to finish for the Ravellenic Games.  Apparently slow and steady wins the race…i am not so sure about that, but at least I finished.  Perhaps I should have joined the Apathetic Team that didn’t care if they finished or not, might have been more realistic! 
Question – do you call it a jumper or a sweater?  Seems to depend which part of the world you come from.  I neither jump nor sweat in this so I am not sure.  Shall we go with ‘top’?
The pattern is the Such a Debonair Little Jumper from A Stitch In Time Vol 1: (ha, jumper again)
Such A Debonair Little Jumper
The only amendment I made to the pattern was to add another pattern repeat to give it a bit more length. I also omitted the ribbons but I guess I could put different ribbons on depending on what I am wearing.
I love the books by Susan Crawford and have several knits planned from each of the books. I really wish I could knit faster as my queue in Ravelry is growing much faster than I can knit.  Methinks I would be more productive if I spent more time knitting and less time browsing.  BTW you can find me on Ravelry here.
This actually was quite easy and fast to knit up, it’s just that I don’t seem to make time to do it.  The worst part for me was all that ribbing at the bottom and the top – I am not a fan of ribbing and did wonder why I chose this pattern, but anyway job done now!
My other question is…why did I choose this colour?  It goes with nothing in my wardrobe except black or white.  Did it seem a different colour online?  Did I think it was pink? Was it the best they had to offer at the time? I have no idea, which now means I need to do some sewing so I have some skirts to go with it. 
Do you ever start knitting something and get half way through and then start questioning your choice of colour or style?  I did that with this jumper top, perhaps that is why it took me so long to finish.  Although the fact that I have two other cardigans on the go probably didn’t help.
End result – I am very happy with this top, I like the colour and once I have made some more skirts I know it will get a lot of wear!
So…is it a jumper or sweater? 

17 thoughts on “My Debonair Little Jumper

  1. Here in Canada we call that a sweater, but my partner being Aussie, calls it a jumper… i had no idea what he meant at first when he said that word referring to one of his articles of clothing, because here, a jumper is the type of sleeveless dress you wear in fall, over a top!! LOL.Impressive that you can knit something so professional looking! I wouldn't even know where to begin ^__^

  2. This is really lovely!! I think the color looks great on you and will work great for multiple seasons. (I've always called them sweaters, though I have know idea where either term came from.)

  3. Your jumper (because that's what I'd call it, and I'm in the UK) is lovely! I really like the lace pattern, and strange as it may seem, the top of the sleeves – I am intrigued as to how they are constructed. If you makes you feel any better, I am nearly half way through a cardigan that I started in June! 🙂

  4. Thanks, I wore it yesterday in Brisbane's heat and nearly melted, I think I might have to keep it for cooler temps. It has been over 30 most days and is still only Spring!

  5. This is GORGEOUS! The shade of pink is perfect for you and I'm just loving the lace pattern repeat on it. With so many people knitting incredible creations I'm wanting to try too… but I just don't have the patience for this vocation 🙂 I hope you get lots of wear from it!!!

  6. I love your sweater [I'm from Mississippi in the USA..and we call it a sweater,ha].. Anyway,the color is great and looks good on you.. You did a good job knitting..I never learned to knit ,but would love to..[I am too old to learn] Happy knitting.

  7. You're not the slowest knitter in the world, I am – which would be why I'd never even contemplate a project like this! I'm astounded and amazed, well done, it looks fantastic.

  8. Thanks – it took me nearly a year – that is a heck of a long time! Really it is not that bad, it's not like I worked on it every day. More sporadically, and mostly in winter as I tend to stop knitting in Summer

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