Springtime Banksia

Still on the Spring/Summer wardrobe and I am making good progress so far with this addition.
This is my first top for the Banksia Sewalong, I have another two planned but have no idea when I might finish them as my head and sewing table are overflowing with sewing idea and plans right now!
This is my first dip into the Megan Nielsen pool and I loved it! Okay I know I am a bit slow as everyone seems to have made this top as well as many other Megan Nielsen patterns, but I am a relative newbie to the independent designers.
I loved the cute packaging the pattern came in, from the little Velcro dot to the sturdy paper the pattern is printed on.  This is one well thought out pattern company!
The pattern was so easy to use and the instructions were super clear. I am not normally so good with reading and following instructions, I tend to just sew things together the way I know things normally go together.
I had one small issue with the placket, but suspect this may have been a “user issue”. When I first sewed it up and folded it in half, it was too wide for the opening. Easy fix, I just folded the seam allowance in a little more to take up the difference! I used Method 2 from the instructions for the placket as I wanted that perfect clean look.  (this method involves fully enclosing all the raw seams so results in a super tidy finish)
Sorry, this is my only picture of the back, it was such a windy day I had a job getting any good pics at all!
I used a light cotton which was a dream to work with. I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the pattern, not even an FBA! This is very unusual for me. I cut an 8 at the shoulders and graded to a 12 at the hips and I am very happy with the fit. I shortened the sleeves and the length.
It is already a billion degrees here so I think a sleeveless version will be next!
I love how versatile the pattern is and have plans for lots of other versions, I can see this becoming my “go to” pattern for tops as I can just sew it without loads of alterations.

18 thoughts on “Springtime Banksia

  1. It turned out beautifully Lizzie!! I love that gorgeous fabric you used – it seems really breezy for warm weather, but also a great wardrobe staple for layering. love it!!Can't wait to see the other versions you have planned 🙂

  2. LIzzie, this is really cute.. I can't wait to see what you make next.. Bet the sleevless version will be cute. It is fall here , and getting cold..SO the cute summer stuff is over..[oh I dread winter,ha] I have not done any of these patterns either.. Really cute.. It is similar to the colette violet pattern.

  3. I hate winter too, which is part of the reason I live in sub-tropical Brisbane! The Banksia is similar to the Violet but fitted me a lot better as the Violet was a bit boxy on me.

  4. Really nice, cute and practical wardrobe staple – I'm sure you'll get loads of use out of it! I really like the placket, it looks very professional! :)I haven't tried any Megan Nielsen patterns yet either, but this one seems to be very popular! ^__^

  5. Thanks, this such a versatile top, I can see it in so many different fabrics. I would suggest this is a great Megan Nielsen pattern to start with, although her Darling Downs dress is gorgeous too!

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