Hole-y Moly Banksia


First of all, let me apologise for the quality of the photos, the weather was dreary and this fabric is sooo difficult to photograph properly.

Aside from that, check out my pretty new top!!

I used Megan Nielsen’s Banksia pattern again (version 1 here) as it was such a great fit and easy pattern to use.  I cut a size 8 in the shoulders, graduating to a 12 in the hips and I shortened it through the waist since I am a little deficient in the height department!

The fabric is the Marc Jacobs cotton eyelet that I purchased at Mood in NYC recently.  The fabric is so pretty and I really wanted to show it off to its best.  I first sewed it up with an interlining because I was worried the eyelet holes were too big and possibly revealing, but this made all the eyelet detail disappear so I removed it all and the top isn’t as hole-y (see the blog title makes sense now) as I had feared!


I altered the back pattern piece by adding a horizontal seam about 4″ from the top and cutting the lower piece with an allowance to gather it. 


I inserted a faux placket and outlined it with two different trims, a light blue which picks up the light blue leaves on the fabric and a beige. The buttons are shell buttons.


I edged the neck and armholes with a narrow hem folded over twice.

Of course during these pics the rain started – I still don’t understand Brisbane weather, 30 degrees and raining – crazy!


Again, this Banksia pattern was a dream to work with and I love how versatile it is for summer, winter, long sleeve, sleeveless, whatever!! I think this has become my new TNT pattern. Do any of you have a tried and true pattern and if so, what is it?

15 thoughts on “Hole-y Moly Banksia

  1. It's lovely, a great use of that gorgeous fabric. I have a TNT skirt pattern but not top pattern – am hoping that the Alma might be that, if I can crack all the adjustments I need to make, that is!

  2. It absolutely could be made into a dress, in fact I have one cut out already but is for winter to I have put it aside for a few months. But a sleeveless one for summer would be cute too I think, hmmm might review my stash for this!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog BusyLizzie and seeing what you have sewn or baked lately. I love the fabric in this top and I am sure it is going to be a very handy top as summer approaches Brisbane. I too live in Brisbane and an ex -Kiwi from the Sth Island. I have made several Sorbetto tops, similar to this top but I like how you have added the back yoke with a gathered body attached. That would be cooler I would think.

  4. Oh I LOVE it! Eyelet is secretly my favourite fabric I think. It's so feminine… and airy! Perfect for muggy brisbanised weather! πŸ˜› And I'm a wee bit jealous you have this fabric… I wanted to buy it from the mood website… but their international postage process was onerous, to say the least!The lace around the placket and at the back is a gorgeous touch, and the curved hem suits you wonderfully πŸ™‚

  5. I love the curved hem – lovely! At the moment, I am dedicated to Cambie as a dress pattern. And I'm onto my second Alma blouse. And I've made three Maria Denmark Yasmin Skirts… And Vogue 1247 – three skirts and one top from that pattern. That's probably my favourite pattern of all time!

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