Kelly Skirt AKA the Shorts that Weren’t…and a Sorbetto

Originally I had planned to make some capris next as per my Spring/Summer Plan however for some crazy reason when I bought the fabric thought I could get long shorts out of one and a quarter yards. What was I thinking? The fabric is only 44″ wide….unless I was going to make hotpants…. nah, never going to happen.

No matter which way I tried to manipulate the shorts pattern it just wasn’t going to work. So onto plan B – a skirt, the Kelly Skirt to be precise.  It seems I was very slow catching onto the Megan Nielsen patterns, but I am now converted having recently completed two Banksias blogged here and here.


The pattern was a dream to sew up and miraculously I made no adjustments.


Ok, well I didn’t cut the waistband in one piece as prescribed, I didn’t have enough fabric for that, so I cut in in three pieces, one back piece and two fronts, as the seam allowances all line up it looks like it was supposed to be that way.


The side seams and waistband are all topstitched which I think has given a more professional finish.


To remove bulk and add some fun, I lined the pockets with fabric left over from a previous Banksia. 
Not being able to find buttons that I was happy with I went with covered buttons.
Initially I wasn’t sure I would like the pleats and thought they might stick out weirdly, but they don’t and I think the silhouette is actually quite flattering – look, I have a waist!

For the observant Colette fans you may recognise the top pattern, it is the ubiquitous Sorbetto not previously blogged.  This is my only Sorbetto so far as I found it a bit boxy but it works really well tucked into this skirt.


Interestingly I was on Twitter tonight and saw the link to a news article where some researchers have worked out mathematically the perfect skirt length to make your legs look fantastic.  Now I never considered there would be an equation for this, surely it depends on the occasion and one length is not for all styles or events?  However, curiosity got the better of me and coincidentally this skirt turns out to be my perfect length!  (84cm from my shoulders if you are interested)

In reality it is actually this length because it is the length of the original pattern piece and I didn’t have enough fabric to make it longer!! But I am pretty happy that I didn’t make it longer.
I expect I may be making more of these – when I bought this fabric, I also bought two other pieces in different colouts with the intetion to make several shorts, but of course that fabric is too short too – DUH!  Guess my summer wardrobe will be skirt based, not shorts!
Does anyone else make stupid mistakes like me, buying the wrong amount of fabric for a specific project and then having to revert to a plan B??

24 thoughts on “Kelly Skirt AKA the Shorts that Weren’t…and a Sorbetto

  1. Looks lovely!Thinking on the lack of fabric issue. Is it that you can't get your main leg pieces on the fabric or all the pieces on? I'd do facings and pockets and maybe even waistbands and any cuff in a different complimentary colour if needed.What do you think?

  2. I love, love this skirt. I haven't tried this pattern.. I guess I need to buy it.ha Looks lovely on you, and a perfect fit.. Happy great job ..changing your plans from shorts to skirt.. Don't you hate whenyou don't have enough fabric.eeeeeeeeeeeeh..

  3. I could not not get both leg pieces on the fabric – the biggest issue is the shape of the pieces and getting around the crotch shaping, it takes a lot more fabric. I could only get them on if they were going to be super short shorts! Hmmm…not with these legs!

  4. Gorgeous Skirt it looks so well made and stunning on you. Such a good idea for summer coming up. Might take a look at this pattern I have to relook at my summer wardrobe. I am opposite I always buy way too much fabric but I guess at least I can make little bags or something over the left overs. You should see my leftover..well crate now!! hehe.

  5. I love your whole outfit! The top and skirt go so well together, and the bias tape edging on Sorbetto is lovely. I so love this skirt! I am really trying to resist buying this pattern, because I really do not need another skirt pattern!!

  6. This is a great super easy fast pattern, probably took 2 hours start to finish. I am guessing your family & friends are getting lots of little handmade items for Xmas then?

  7. Why thank you! The bias I picked up overseas and was waiting to use it on a project that showed it off – the Sorbetto is perfect. This may be my new favourite skirt pattern, quick, easy and comfortable – winner!!

  8. I love your new hairdo! It was cute before, but now it has a bit more and it frames your face nicely. Is that your natural haircolor too? If so I love it. :)Thanks so much for sharing the mathy article about skirt length. Being a math nerd myself I'm soo going to read this!

  9. ooh, sorry, super late reply, just catching up on blogs now after a crazy week! Thanks for the kind words, I love this skirt, although the waistband has given heaps since completing and I think I am going to have to alter it :-(The Banksia is wonderful – give it a go I am sure you will love it too, it has a really nice neckline.

  10. Thanks 🙂 I am loving the new hair and even curled it last night and it was quite Marilyn Monroe-ish! The colour is a highlighted version of my natural colour, I am naturally quite fair, but a bit more mousey.

  11. Welcome and thanks for following!! This is a great outfit for our weather, not super casual but still cool enough to be comfortable. So many Brisbane sewing bloggers, I never realised, we might have to arrange a meetup sometime!!

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