Floral Sorbetto

OK not very imaginatively named I know.  Not really my forte coming up with fabulous names for garments, but here it is nonetheless, my floral Sorbetto.


First of all, this was a stupid day to try and take pictures, it was 40 degrees Celsius (104F) which was ridiculous. So here I am cowering in the shade to take pics to share with you all!


Enough whinging and onto the sewing stuff. The pattern is Colette’s Sorbetto able for free download, thank you again Colette for this winning pattern!

This time around I cut a size 6 in the shoulders grading to a size 10 on the bust and size 12 through the hips and I am much happier with the fit.  I also added about 1.5″ to the hem and curved it up at the sides to give a nicer look when worn out over pants.


I started out by making the bias binding using Colette’s continuous bias tape tutorial.  IMHO this is way faster than the individual strip method if you want to end up with a large amount of bias. I started with a pretty big square of fabric so ended up with heaps of lovely bias, enough for this top and something else in the future.


You will see above that I used the pin method to fold my tape.  I set up two pins just wider than the iron and fed the folded bias through them I then lay the iron between the pins and just guided the fabric through using both hands as the iron just lay there.  Nice and quick and a good result too.


The other addition I made was to add a trim just under the pleat on the front. I sewed this under the pleat but left the pleat so it was not sewed down as I didn’t want it to have the top stitched look.

The fabric is from my Black Friday haul that I ordered in from fabric.com. A cotton called Mackinaw Island for Benartex according to the selvage. The main thing for me is that it is nice and cool to wear, especially with this crazy heat wave we seem to be having. 


My biggest problem with this heat is getting into my sewing room, it is like a sauna as it is upstairs and I guess closer to the roof space. I have an aircon unit, but it blows my sewing all over the place!  Might have to relocate for a bit I think.

By the way, the bush I am standing in front of is a Hibiscus, isn’t the flower pretty and a stunning colour?


20 thoughts on “Floral Sorbetto

  1. Your top is lovely, and I do like the lace trim. Wowzers to the 40 degrees heat!! I live in Belfast in Northern Ireland, it's mid-winter here, and 20 degrees would be considered a good summer's day here! The photo of the flower is gorgeous, and I hope you manage to stay cool. 🙂

  2. I love your floral sorbetto. SO pretty on you.. Wow..104 degrees.. It is cold and rainy here.. [sure would like "just a little bit" of that heat.ha I forgot all about Fabric.com's black Friday sale. I was so mad at myself for missing it. Beautiful fabric.Happy sewing.

  3. From one Brissie sewer to another – I feel the temperature with you! Hasn't it been dreadful??? Love your Sorbetto – I am a huge fan of this top, have several made up and must do a few more. The lace feature on the front is a lovely touch…J

  4. I love your new sorbetto. This pattern is on my to do list. The fabric is pretty. Your photo story is funny. We went to the beach yesterday with our caravan and put up the awning. I was cowering by a 1metre hedge trying in vain to get out of the sun and heat. It was alll in vain though because I am now sporting some quite pink shoulders….doh!

  5. Thanks! Bias binding is faster to make than I realised, especially using the techniques above. I think I will be making more of these for sure! Now a dilemma, is it worth buying a bias making machine?

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