Top 5 of 2012 – and now the Misses

Top 5 of 2012

The year was not all roses for me sewing-wise unfortunately and this post is to share my misses.  Yep I am far from perfect and the same for some of my projects. 

In order of worst to best:

1.  This attempt to make a 1940’s pattern from an Australian Home Journal – it was all good until I added the skirt.  Then it was so awful that it ended up balled in a corner for two months before being cut up and made into this top.  I love the replacement but will have to give the pattern another go as I won’t let it beat me!!

2. Flowery, Girly dress – the fit on this is not great. In my defence at the time I was not really reading or following any blogs, if I had I would have known that loads of people had issues with this pattern and might have made a muslin. *sigh* live and learn.
3.  My first item I blogged about. I did like the jacket when I first made it and I still think it’s…ok, but I am not loving the sleeves.  I may refashion it and narrow the sleeves to look a bit more normal.
4. Colette Violet – I never wear this blouse, it just feels too boxy and a bit short.  Again, just not feeling the love.  Plus the collar seems huge and it is too big across the shoulders.  Seriously thinking of refashioning it as I hate things to gather dust in my wardrobe.
5.  The Turnaround Blouse – another top I just don’t wear.  Not really sure the reason, I guess I feel it is not that flattering, plus I didn’t have a decent skirt to wear with it. Now I do, but it is the wrong season, perhaps next season?  I do really like the fabric so perhaps just need to find a way to wear it in 2013.

So what have I learnt from the above:
– make a muslin more often, especially for vintage patterns
– take care to adjust the pattern to fit i.e. different sizes for shoulders, bust & hips, consider FBA
– think about the pattern more and whether it will suit my shape
– it doesn’t matter too much, if I don’t like it, it can always be hacked or donated!
What are your fails for the year?  Please share and make me feel better!!

20 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2012 – and now the Misses

  1. I like the Colette Violet on you – funny that you find it boxy! I would only start small with the refashion on it… a different collar (maybe lace) with the same added as a false hem to lengthen may give you a different feeling. Looking forward to see how you refashion those mentioned…J…

  2. That jacket is FIERCE! Love it so much! I always find it hard to go through my makes and see some of the pieces that I can now see just weren't working in hindsight. I figure it's all a learning curve 😀 Can't wait to see your refashioned pieces!

  3. Don't fret too much… I have a few sewn bits of fabric gathering mothballs in my cupboard too… I'm feeling you on all the reasons why you don't like these garments too – I think we're alike when it comes to the fit and shape of a garment. But at least making a mistake makes us realise what doesn't work, so we can focus on what does 🙂

  4. OH.. I have quiet a few of those "mishaps" ..some so bad they never see a I really like the violet blouse on you.,the color is beautiful and really looks great on you.. I have made several of them..And the shoulders are really big on that pattern and I had to add a good bit of length too. Like the jacket too.[love polka dots].. I bet slimming the sleeves would make you like it better. I so agree with you.. I need to do more fitting and definitely make more muslins .. Happy sewing in 2013

  5. Oh, I am so glad I am not the only one with flops. Today I made a real bummer by fixing a work dress by replacing the bodice. Only, well, I sewed the skirt and bodice together wrong and ended up with the seam facing out for all the world to see. I swore. Loudly.

  6. I'm glad you were able to save the dress, too– what a sweet little Sencha you've made! I'm posting my fails tomorrow– not really enjoying thinking about that, but it's a good learning process, right?

  7. Sewing is like RTWS shopping – you think you love it at the time but a few weeks later you think 'what on earth was I thinking'! I'm impressed you fix things – most things I give up on and move onto something which I know will work. Now off to start my second knitting project!

  8. Hmmm…the Violet is a tricky one, I guess I am not sold on the sleeves or the baggy through the waist bit, or the big collar. I think the first thing for me to fix would be the collar. Interesting idea on the lace, I might play with that one, thanks! 🙂

  9. I still wear this dress from time to time but it has wrinkles in places it shouldn't due to fit, but no-one else seems to notice. Perhaps if it was RTW I would get that anyway!

  10. I love that the fabric didn't go to waste – the fabric is so pretty and it would have been a shame to have it end up in the bin – I hate throwing good fabric away! Still want to make the dress though

  11. Thanks for all your positive comments this year, you seem to find the positive in everything, a great skill to have!Maybe I need to re-look at the Violet, other people seem to like it, perhaps I will try styling it differently.Happy sewing!

  12. Oh no, I hate making sewing mistakes. I was making something the other day when I was tired, dumb mistake, I made heaps of errors and really made friends with the seam ripper – I was so angry!!

  13. I don't always fix things, sometimes I donate them to Lifeline, but if they can be fixed or repurposed and I like the fabric I will give it a go, I don't like things to beat me. Of course if it is a lost cause, I just give it away and block it from my memory!!

  14. It's so true that we learn a ton from the things we make & don't wear, for whatever reason – even though I think your makes are good, if YOU don't wear tthem, knowing the reasons will just make you that much more successful ^_^

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