Top 5 of 2012 – Reflections, Inspirations and Goals

Top 5 of 2012

Carrying on with Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow’s 2012 wrap up, the reflections, inspirations and goals really made me think.


1. I love sewing!
I always used to like it a lot, now I am doing it more and better than ever and I love it, the more I do it, the more I love it.  I love the time with just me and my machine, I love the process of making two dimensional fabric into a curvy, shaped garment, I love the creative process of putting a garment together and making it my own.

2. Slow Sewing
When I was a teenager and in my early 20s before I had a serious job or needed sleep, I used to start making a garment in the afternoon and have it finished to wear the next day.  However looking back most of these were rush jobs and were lacking in quality or detail.  Now I would rather take longer to finish a garment and be happier with the finished product.

3. A New Love of Clothing
For the past few years I haven’t spent much time sewing and as a consequence had to go to the stores and purchase RTW. This is usually a traumatic experience with many hours spent trawling through the shops trying to find something that kind of fits that I would settle with. Now I can be happy with a garment, the fit, the colour and the design.  I also love having clothing that no-one else has. I love to go out and know that I won’t run into someone wearing the same thing. I also like that I have my own style and that I can express it

4. Confidence
Making my own clothes and blogging them has given me more confidence in myself and with my shape.  I no longer have to fit into a specific size dictated by a store.  My small shoulders, larger bust and shortness are no longer of consequence!

5. Support
My hubby is super supportive of my hobby and gives me the time and space when I need it. For this (and so many other reasons) I love him dearly.



Other bloggers have really helped keep me motivated to take care of the quality of the garment and the fit.  I don’t want to post up items I am not happy with, so you bloggers out there keep me pushing myself to make better and better garments. I also like seeing people with a similar shape to me as it helps me find patterns to suit me that I might not otherwise try.  I can’t narrow it down to five as there are so many bloggers I love, maybe just check the blogroll to the right as I can’t even name a few for fear of missing someone!

Independent pattern makers – Colette, Sewaholic and Megan Nielsen are my favourites, but I am sure that there are many others I haven’t discovered yet! When I previously sewed more I always used to get frustrated that the big companies didn’t have patterns that I liked, the independent pattern makers really seem to be addressing the demand for what is needed. I seem to gravitate towards these more than the Big 4.

Goals for 2013

1. Make more of my vintage patterns, I have a great stash just waiting to be used   Update 2/1/2014 – I  completed Sew for Victory & Fall For Cotton both from vintage patterns
2. Make muslins more often to guarantee a better fit  Update 2/1/2014 – done!
3. Organise and catalogue my patterns Update 2/1/2014 – have catalogued my vintage patterns on Evernote, just need to do the modern ones!
4. Really take time to think through my makes…will the pattern suit me? will I wear it? is it the right fabric for the garment? what do I need in my wardrobe? Update 2/1/2014 – most of the time I did this with overall pleasing results
5. Make a fun or “frosting” garment – it is always fun to have some frosting! Update 2/1/2014 – I think my Frocktails Elisalex qualifies

Wow – that’s my wrap up for 2012.  I am looking forward to a productive 2013!

19 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2012 – Reflections, Inspirations and Goals

  1. I'm with you on a new love of clothing. I used to love shopping for clothes, but this past year of taking the Seamless Pledge and increasing my sewing has made me love my handmade wardrobe even more. I feel so much more luxurious in a garment I've made, and taken the time to make well!I'm also with you on making some vintage patterns – it's one of my goals for next year too!

  2. What a fantastic post! It's like I've written it myself, everything you write fits in on me too. The confidence I've gained by sewing and posting and the inspirations I get from other bloggers (one of them being you!). I love H&M and used to buy most of my clothes there, now I can't even remember the last time I bought something there. Sewing is awesome!Happy new year! Looking forward to your next project!

  3. Wonderful post and so well said.I agree totally.. I love sewing, I love the wonderful blogger friends.[And it is so awsome, that friends are made all over the world, and regardless of age..we are all accepted.] Love your blog Lizzie, you are such an encourager. Happy sewing 2013!!

  4. I took the Seamless Pledge too, in fact today is my last day! Seemed pretty easy to stick to as I get so frustrated by what is in the shops, the quality (or lack of), the fabrics, the styles. Homemade is definitely the way to go!

  5. Why thank you for your kind comment :)I used to get inspiration from shopping, I would copy things but make them better quality or change the style slightly – now I seem to just do my own thing for the most part!

  6. The bloggers and followers out there are amazing aren't they, so supportive and friendly – it has opened up a whole new world for me!As always, thank you for your kind words 🙂

  7. All of your reflections really resonated with me as well, especially the slow sewing. I wonder how much has to do with discovering the sewing blog world? Everyone who shares and comments are always so supportive and encouraging! Looking forward to your 2013 creations.

  8. I think you are right, the sewing blog world has opened my eyes a little and it is so nice to share creations with one another. It is helpful to get tips on issues with patterns and to get feedback when needed. I only wish I had discovered this world earlier!!

  9. I really relate to all your reflections; sewing has taken me along a similar journey of discovery. I especially enjoy how as I'm getting better, I'm more able to express myself – it's nice to hear you have had a similar experience 🙂 Here's to an amazing year ahead! 🙂

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