Prizes, pressies, swaps and goings on

Happy 2013 everyone!

I finished a couple of garments just before Christmas but haven’t had a chance to photograph them yet, so in the meantime I thought I would share some of the treasures I received recently and what I am up to.


Firstly, the above is mostly courtesy of the giveway held by Kerry of Kestel Finds and Makes
that I was lucky to win recently. The giveaway gave me a generous $25 to spend at Miss Betty’s Attic on Etsy. Well Miss Betty’s patterns are reasonably priced anyway and then she had 25% off for Kerry’s readers so I was in heaven!  I couldn’t decide or narrow my choices down, so I chipped in a little extra and bought the above.  I know two shirtdresses, but they are slightly different 😉  Check out Miss Betty’s store, there are some great patterns in there.  Thanks again Kerry, I am so grateful to have been the winner!


The above amazing two patterns and buttons are the result of a swap with Judy of Sew Blessed Maw.  Judy was so taken with the pattern from my red Vintage Vogue 5557 that we arranged to do a swap for the pattern.  I knew I wouldn’t use the pattern again so loved the idea of giving it another home and so the swap was born.  I sent her the pattern and asked her to surprise me – the day before Christmas the above arrived!  I particularly love the vintage pattern, it is very me and perfectly suited to our weather right now.  Thanks Judy – it was super fun to swap with you!!


The above amazing treasure was part of my Christmas pressie from my lovely hubby – isn’t he fabulous?  Ok he might have been sent a few links as hints, but what great patterns (another shirtdress hehe) and check out those amazing buttons, perfect on a shirtdress amirite?   

Now, some insight into what I am working on right now.  Well, to be honest with my family staying with me the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to do any sewing, but I have managed to knit a little.

The below is destined to be a cute linen sundress – assuming my pattern alterations all work out as planned.  Wish me luck!!

I have also started knitting the Emelie jumper from lovely soft wool (I think part alpaca) that I bought at La Droguerie in Paris early in 2012.  I am just hoping I have enough wool, I know it will be close! By the way, my Ravelry name is Sundar if you want to friend me!
What’s on your project table at the moment?  and did you receive anything lovely for Christmas? 

21 thoughts on “Prizes, pressies, swaps and goings on

  1. OH what lovely patterns.. I bet you really don't know which one to use first,ha. Can't wait to see the lovely shirtdresses.. And what a sweet hubby [to take the hint] and get you the lovely pattern and buttons.. I loved the red buckle and buttons..Never seen a card that had both together.. so wonderful.. I am so happy you liked the pattern.. I thought it looked like you too. Hope you enjoy.. and thank you so much for the swap.. I am looking so forward to making your dress.I love,love it.. And just know, it will be a really pretty Valentines day dress. thank you so much for doing the swap.It was so fun. I am working on simple knit t-shirt.. I am new to this is a learning process..eeeeh

  2. I love the color you've chosen for your Emelie. I took a little detour and friended you 🙂 And I'm quite jealous of your vintage pattern haul – good for you!

  3. A lovely soft knit from Parisian wool – what better way to remember a trip! I took a detour & friended you too, I just toddle along on Ravelry every now & then. On my project table a kinder backpack underway but waiting for strap adjustors, a hat for a friend's child, and today choosing what gift to make for a newborn bubby girl.

  4. You are right, I really can't decide where to start :)Good luck with the knits – I don't do too much with knits, although a few plans in the pipelines will change that.

  5. Interesting, the Emelie came about by default – I orginally planned to do a different jumper but changed my mind as it was just not going to work for the Brisbane climate. Let's hope I have enough wool!

  6. This wool is divinely soft, I had heard cool things about La Droguerie and it was every bit as wonderful as I had been told. You buy the wool by weight, not yardage!Good luck with your projects!!

  7. Ahhh how fun! I've been wondering what you would end up making with the dotty linen! You look so cute in shirtdresses– you definitely need all these lovely patterns! 🙂

  8. Some great additions for you! Before I read that you'd send your husband links, I was so completely impressed with how jiggy he is with sewing and picking awesome gifts. Illusion over ;P

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