London Fabric shopping

I arrived to London early on Saturday to the coldest dreariest day I have experienced in a long time -there were even snow flurries!

I couldn’t get into my accommodation that early so my plan was to head straight to Walthamstow.  I was a little tempted to give it a miss with it being so cold, but as I had purposely arrived on a Saturday to get to the fabric market I braved the cold and soldiered on. It was worth it, I came away with 16m of fabric!

 Walthamstow haul 1

The range was great and so cheap, the most expensive one I bought was £2 a metre – crazy cheap!

Walthamstow haul 2

A couple of the fabrics are destined for the Sew for Victory challenge being held by Lucky Lucille. The spot above is actually pink, not orangey as photographed, with an aubergine spot and is reversible, I have visions of an Alannah Hill style trenchcoat.

The fabric shopping at Walthamstow is not as I expected, for some reason I expected to get off the tube and have a range of fabric stores in front of me. However you actually need to cross the road towards the pedestrian mall and walk a few hundred metres before you come to any fabric shops. They are not all next to one another as I thought, they are spaced out amongst other shops like discount warehouses, supermarkets, coffee shops etc. No matter how dodgy or unlikely they look from outside, go in, you never know what you might find. I found some of my fabric in places that looked far from promising on the outside. So much for my fabric ban, are overseas purchases exempt?

20 thoughts on “London Fabric shopping

  1. Sounds like paradise!!! And I agree with miss poppykettle; overseas purchases are exempt and if you have the baggage allowance available, USE IT. Have a wonderful time.

  2. I am soooo jealous.[lol] What wonderful fabric, I love it all.. [especially the apple one, I guess thats apples?] And most definitely overseas purchases is DEFINITELY expemt.. so proud your having fun.. I would love to go to London one day..

  3. You're on your hols, so obviously holiday fabric doesn't count!! I love what you've bought, especially the polka dots, and £2 per mt max – it would have been rude not to buy! 🙂

  4. I have only been to Walthamstow once and found it was definitely the kind of place where you have to look around and feel all the fabric to assess the quality. But such good prices! Overseas fabric purchases are not really fabric purchases at all, they are holiday souvenirs 😉 That is my story and I am sticking to it!

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