London Meet Up

I was lucky to be contacted by Rachel of House of Pinheiro last week, telling me she needed to go fabric shopping and would I like to meet up to go to Goldhawk Road – would I? Absolutely, yes!!  Not only is Rachel super supportive in the blogging and Twitter world, she makes fabulous clothes and I just knew we would get along.

We met at St Pancreas Station to take the tube to Goldhawk Rd and chatted the whole way, almost like we had known one another for years.


Once at Goldhawk Road we went in and out of almost all the stores, Rachel had a couple of specific projects in mind and I was just happy to see what was on offer, being my first time there.

The highlights for both of us were Toni Textiles at #51 and Classic Textiles across the road at #44.

Rachel was a little tall for downstairs at Classic Textiles

Classic Textiles in particular was an absolute find – I bought a beautiful black double wool crepe for £6/metre, I debated the cost of a Valentino double wool crepe for £16.50/m, but just had to have it as it feels divine and the colour is gorgeous. I also bought ponti knit for £4.50/m in a lovely teal blue.

Rachel is such an enabler – she said to me “you have to buy it, you need it!”. Well who could argue with that 😉


Rachel bought some beautiful fabrics too, but I will leave it to her to share these with you!

We then went to the St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel to meet her lovely partner, have a spot of lunch and of course to chat some more. It is so nice to meet up with a fellow sewing blogger who knows what you are talking about when you mention various other bloggers, gets the sewalongs and shares my passion for fabrics and making garments. The day seemed to fly by, before we knew it, it was 4pm! 

Wearing my Hollyburn skirt and Coppelia cardigan (still to be blogged) – see how short I am, I am a step higher and still shorter than Rachel!

We had such a lovely day and left like old friends – my thanks go to Rachel for an fabulous day out!

16 thoughts on “London Meet Up

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. All day fabric shopping with a fellow sewing blogger must have been bliss. I too enjoy The House of Pinheiro blog, so it must have been great to meet and share your passion for sewing.

  2. How exciting.. Two of my favorite bloggers meeting for a wonderful fabric shopping day. [I am just a litle bit jealous,lol].. And how could you refuse fabric, when your buddy …just knew you needed it.. Now,thats finding a real friend.ha. Love all the pretty fabrics you found. Can't wait to see what Rachel found.. You and Rachel…both look so pretty in the photo on the stairs.. Love your outfits.. Happy sewing.. and thank you for sharing your fun day.

  3. That is a pretty funny picture, the face says it all, least there wasn't anything worthwhile down there! It was a great day, I hope we can do it again sometime 🙂

  4. That looks like such a fun day out. I love blogger meet-ups and Rachel is such a sweetheart. Also the colour of your Hollyburn is to die for – I love how the teal blue just "pops" when it is styled with all black.

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