Beige, bland…never!

My latest outfit is a vision of beige! This is not a bad thing I feel as it makes for two super versatile pieces.  I’m not too sure about wearing them together all the time, but for a classic summer look I think it works.


For the top I used the Megan Nielsen Banksia pattern, my TNT top pattern of late.  I really like the fit and it is easily modified.  As usual (for me) the armholes and neck are faced with bias binding.  I also modified the collar to reduce the depth, I ended up taking about 1.5″ off the total depth, which with my narrow shoulders I feel works better, it’s not so overwhelming on me.


The skirt is the Kelly skirt also by Megan Nielsen but with the button placket omitted. To do this I simply used the buttonhole markings as my centre seam and cut on the fold. I did not cut the back on the fold as instructed, instead I cut it with an extra seam allowance on the “fold” side so I would have room to put in a lapped zipper.  I am pleased with the end result although my fabric is stiffer than I expected and it creases like a mofo!  I will eventually make this in a gabardine or something that doesn’t mind being sat on. 

I have noticed the weather starting to change so I have to start thinking about my autumn/winter wardrobe.  What are you working on for the new season? Do share, I am super nosy!!

32 thoughts on “Beige, bland…never!

  1. You are rocking the beige! The black contrast collar really frames your face nicely, and the blouse fits so well! I think you need to make more of these! πŸ™‚

  2. Love your outfit… Looks great on you..And love how you modified them. TOday is first day of spring here…[still cold but praying sunny warmdays ahead,ha] So,I am beginning to think spring sewing.. Right now,I am working on 4 Easter dresses for grandaughters.

  3. Yeah, um… Still SNOWING here, so no spring in sight… Gah, sometimes I hate my country for its sucky climate… :(But to cheer myself up, I have ordered the new Colette pattern: the Laurel dress, and also the Violet blouse!Also, that outfit looks great on you. The top is fantastic!

  4. it's starting to get warm here, so i'm looking forward to summer dresses! at first glance i thought yours was a dress until i noticed there are no polka dots on the skirt. it's very cute and you can mix and match =)

  5. Love the beige – the colour really suits you! Good thinking to omit the buttonholes on the centrefold. I have resisted purchasing the Kelly pattern because I hate sewing on buttons and buttonholes, but I think you have swayed me πŸ˜›

  6. I have to admit I never wear beige but your outfit is definitely not dull. I really love your take on the banksia top.I know what you mean about the change in weather (local Brissie girl too). I am a little disappointed I didn't make much for myself this Summer but work and renovations and sickness got in the way.I am hoping winter produces more "fruit". My jeans have just died so I am thinking about giving jeans a go (that will be a new venture) and in general I have no pants (that fit nicely). I also need some long sleeve tops. Last winter I bought a whole heap of wool knit at the Fabric store so that's 3 tops there plus I want to make the "Anouk" shirt version from victory patterns. And…leggings with some cool stamped\painted\drawn designs. I seriously doubt I'll get through it all but one can hope. I have 2 weeks holiday coming up so I'm hoping to get some serious sewing done.

  7. I'm still in denial about the weather changing. having a trip to Europe planned for July also gives me excuses to not start making cold weather clothes too! I'm working on my sewcietea dress at the moment (or the second practice of it anyway). After sewcietea i will start thinking about weather appropriate clothes… maybe…Your outfit is lovely, at first glance i thought it was a dress then saw the print on the top

  8. Both outfits are gorgeous!! I'm so excited you did these as I just received these patterns in the mail. That was a nice idea to make the skirt a little different and it paid off cause its perfect! Very clever and super stunning!!

  9. Bummer on the cold weather, ours is still unseasonably warm so I guess it makes sense if yours is still cold.The Laurel dress is pretty but I have a Simplicity pattern almost identical already. I have the Violet, it didn't go so well for me, I hope it goes better for you.

  10. Oh jeans, good luck with those. I have found it difficult to find decent denim fabric to purchase so haven't tried them yet. There are some really nice knit patterns in the Burda magazines, get to a library and check them out, they are not as daunting as they appear. Plus the patterns are free!!

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