11 thoughts on “MMM – Day 1

  1. Congrats on doing the me made May during your vacation.. I just didn't do it.. I have plenty of me mades..but gettingthe photos every day [eeech]. Love your blouse, and hope youhave a great month..

  2. Oh, love that blouse! Please blog more details!Day 2 down and looking good so far for me, but there are still a lot of days left in May!

  3. Actually, I have to ask, having just checked out the link to the Burda blouse, how the hell did you ever see any potential in that picture? I love yours, but would never have thought it was the same garment! Gotta love Burda and their styling!

  4. BRILLIANT love the top any chance of a mini 'tute'? still find it hard to beleive it's the same as burda'sLove following you, love your style

  5. Burda styling is hideous isn't it, I just look at the line drawings normally and go from there. This pattern super easy with only shoulder and side seams, not even darts! And the zipper is totally fake!!

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