Finished Lorna Suzanne Cardi

Finally after ten months of knitting, I have finished! I didn’t knit this exclusively, but I stopped and started so many times it took me ages. I am so happy with the end result though, it has some great details. I think if I had knitted it more constantly it would have only taken a couple of months, but I was also knitting the Emilie (not yet finished), and I made a couple of hats, gloves and a couple of scarves. My Ravelry name is Sundar if you wanna go check them out and/or friend me!

MMM'13 - Day 7

This pattern is Lorna Suzanne by Ellen Mason, knitted from the bottom up but all in one piece. I love that there are no seams to sew up at the end. I used Cascade 220 bought overseas last year. It knits up beautifully, is super comfy to wear and not scratchy at all.

The fit is true to size – I knitted a straight 38.5, my usual size and the sizing is perfect.

I learnt a few new techniques with this one, grafting (for under the arms), a better way for picking up stitches for the collar and button bands and how to block effectively.

Lorna Suzanne Cardi
The only thing I could improve for next time is my cast off of the collar, it is a little firm and I had to steam it like crazy to get the collar not to curl!

I love this new addition to my wardrobe, I hadn’t worn it before as it isn’t winter in Brisbane yet, but took it with me on my USA trip and the weather was perfect for it this week!

Lorna Suzanne Cardi

Now on my needles, the Emelie and the Miette. I started the Miette this week and it is progressing quite quickly so I am hoping to finish this in a lot less time than the Lorna Suzanne as my Ravelry queue is getting out of control! 

23 thoughts on “Finished Lorna Suzanne Cardi

  1. Um – gorgeous!! Absolutely love it and the colour. Now I've learnt the basics of knitting, I'm nothing if not even more impressed at peeps' ability to churn something like this out!

  2. Your cardi is so lovely Lizzie. I hope you can wear it lots once back in Brisbane. I have never knitted 10 ply to wear in Brisbane but hopefully it will be cool enough for you to wear it heaps as it is too lovely to keep in the cupboard.

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