Aarrr, treasure me hearties!

So what is the result of 3 weeks in the US??  A booty of fabric!  I thought I would share my hoard with you all.

First of all, here it is in its entirety:


Yep, it fills the dining table.  Clearly I have a lot of work ahead of me…but I do have plans for all of it, long term plans admittedly, but plans nonetheless. I didn’t just buy everything I saw that felt nice, believe it or not I was actually restrained!

This is the haul bought at The Loft in LA at US$2.50/lb.  It includes 5 yards of grey ponte, 3 yards of strip knit, 5 yards of wool blend black bottom weight and some light cream coloured georgette.  I believe this place is hit and miss, obviously I scored a hit with a purchase of 9lb of fabric!


Next up is my favourite piece bought, a gorgeous Ralph Lauren wool coating houndtooth bought at Mood in LA. I will definitely be doing a muslin before cutting into this, it is waaay too special.


But wait, it’s not all fabric, I also bought some yarn at Bliss Yarns in Nashville.


and a book:


I also had a couple of great finds at an antique mall, two fab patterns, and a lot of vintage buttons!!


I love the great finds you have when travelling, so much nicer than your typical souvenir. Only problem is I have been away three times this year, so my stash is totally out of control!  But don’t worry I have already made a start so look out for some finished items soon.  I am working on some winter items as the chill has really set in now.

Be back soon with some newly made stash busting items 🙂

11 thoughts on “Aarrr, treasure me hearties!

  1. These pictures would make a great travel brochure for any avid sewer – obviously you had a great trip around USA! Who needs snow domes or silver spoons for souvenirs when you can have all of this…

  2. Isn't it a shame we have to have bag weight restrictions. Imagine how much more you could bring home!! But this lot looks great and will keep you busy for quite a while.

  3. Ooh I really love that McCall's pattern you found- very pretty! These useful/ useable souvenirs are the best! Not just because they are actually useful, but also because you get to re-live your holiday when you're sewing with them, and then again when you're wearing them 🙂

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