Noir Coppelia

Finally I am getting around to blogging this, for followers you many have noticed it pop up on a couple of posts, but I have never posted it in detail before now. 


The Coppelia by Papercut Patterns is a lovely ballet style wrap around cardigan with long ties. Now I am not going to lie, these patterns are pretty expensive, in fact I think this is the most I have spent on a pattern. But, they come in the most adorable packaging, a cardboard box with a photo on the front and its own built in hanger! The patterns are printed on fabulous sturdy recycled paper, and of course you are supporting an indie designer.  On top of that, to put my parochial hat on, they are based in New Zealand – so what could be better than that?!

I was drawn to this pattern over other wrap cardigan patterns out there as I really liked the raglan sleeves and thought the style would wear better and provide a better fit.


I made this up in a medium weight NZ merino knit and cut a size medium which in hindsight is a little big for me and would cut the small next time.  I found it was too big across the shoulders and the sleeves were too wide. I have taken the sleeves in by 1.5″ but as you can see in the pictures they are still roomy.  I feel the neckband is too long and doesn’t quite pull it in the way I would like. I would recommend taking 2-4 inches off to enable it to pull in a fit better.  The waist ties are also super long, in fact I can wrap mine around the back, to the front and then to the back again!


Even though it is a little big, I just pull it a little tighter and it is all good and cozy. This is a great silhouette with A-line skirts and circular skirts and I love it with my Hollyburn, as seen in my meetup with House of Pinheiro’s Rachel.


I have another of these on by work table right now in the smaller size, and already I can tell the fit is better.  All told, this is a great pattern that goes together easily and is easy to adjust to fit if needed.  Give it a go and hang the cost, it’s one of those patterns you would use more than once so it gets cheaper the more you make it!

Have you sewn any of the Papercut patterns? I’d love to hear your experiences πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Noir Coppelia

  1. Yes, I love my Coppelia wrap. We are travelling at the moment and I am practically living in the wrap. I enjoyed the pattern so much I have supplies for a Midsummers Night dress ready for when I get home. I think you'll enjoy a smaller size a lot more…take some pics when you are done!

  2. Your top is lovely! I really hsve to get my act together and stop procrastinating about sewing knits! This pattern is definately on my list.

  3. It's great to see it and hear what you have to say about it having the Cake Pavlova wrap top experience to compare with. It is clearer to me that they are different and how. I like this and could imagine justify having both!! I bet it's going to be a snugly life saver in merino πŸ™‚

  4. I really like this top Liz and although a little big, it still looks good. I have bought and made the Sloppy Josephine Tee and it was too big too. But it is a very lovely pattern and I must get it out again and make the next size down.

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