Winter wardrobe extension

Now that winter is well upon us, I have been getting into sorting my wardrobe out and finishing some basics so I can get on with the fun stuff. Sometimes the basic cake makes are just as rewarding as the frosting, and in the cast of these two skirts they are a welcome addition to extend my winter options.

Version 1 of the Sewaholic Hollyburn blogged here gets worn often and I find this shape skirt goes with almost everything I have, it was almost inevitable that I would make this pattern again.

For version 2 I had some lovely double wool crepe that I bought on Goldhawk Road for £6/m – a total steal! Knowing this would only be a winter wear, I lined the skirt to stop it sticking to my tights. The heavier fabric makes it hang differently, it sticks out a bit more than my other one, but I don’t mind, and it is super warm to wear. I made the version with the waist tabs and finished them with a couple of vintage buttons from my recently bought stash.  Sorry forgot the close up, but they are cream with a black spiral on them.


For version 2 I used the same patch pocket variation as my first version (tutorial this week I promise), the fabric is a chocolate brown gabardine and is unlined. I wore this all day today and had no sticky tights issue, so yay for gabardine!


I did have one issue though…in changing out of it this evening, the stupid invisible zip broke and I had to unpick myself out of it!!  This is not the first time I have had issues with an invisible zip, I am tempted to not use them ever again.  I don’t have any issues with a lapped zipper, they never seem to break and seem to always insert with no issues.


I really like this pattern (obviously having made three) and think I will make it up in a patterned fabric next time- do you know I don’t have any patterned skirts??

On my work table now:
– a dress in need of hemming, but I need to find someone to help me, it’s too uneven (circle skirt) and needs serious attention (anyone local able to offer assistance?? Marjorie, Erin??)
– a dress my sewing machine hates – all it needs it hemming, but the stitches keep skipping with this fabric
– another Papercut Coppelia cardigan – so far going well

Don’t you just hate when things don’t go as planned??

10 thoughts on “Winter wardrobe extension

  1. Great skirts Liz and I would be more than happy to help you hem. I will dig out my ancient Burda hemming contraption which is wonderful for uneven hems.

  2. Your skirts look lovely, and Hollyburn is a great pattern. That said, I don't have it because I thought it was very similar to Victory Patterns Madeleine skirt, and I've made three of those! Good luck with the hemming.

  3. All skirts look fantastic – a definite winner in style for you! And the zipper issue is a real problem for many people, the old lapped ones do seem to be a little sturdier for everyday use, also not sure why this is…

  4. The skirts look great! I break and jam zippers fairly often, always have done, and I'm not sure why. I find non-invisible zippers are the best bet (although not guaranteed) and now I generally hand-sew them in for easier unpicking when I break it. I opted for hand-sewing after breaking two new zippers (not invisible ones either) in rapid succession on the same pair of pants. They're a loose pair of pants too, so it wasn't a fitting problem.

  5. You totally need to make this pattern, it is super easy and a quick make too. Since only the waistband has to fit there are not loads of fitting issues!

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