Snuggly Sweater

My original plan for this top was just going to be a comfortable and warm hoodie, but it kind of evolved as I was making it.  I started by cutting around an old favourite hoodie that I have just about worn to death. It is tired, pilled, faded but oh, so comfy. The shape started as just a normal sweatshirt, however on trying it on, it just looked blah.  Plus I didn’t have any ribbing or enough fabric for the hood, so really my plan was doomed from the start.

Faux Briar
Firstly, I cut the neck wider and deeper and finished the cuffs.  But the length was still meh and felt really unflattering.  Having seen so many of the Megan Nielsen Briars online I thought I would try a similar hemline to see how it looked. Normally I do not like a high-low hem at all, so I am not sure kind of madness made me cut into my fabric without thinking! However, I love my new snuggly sweater!!
Since finishing it I have been wearing it to death.  I really like it over the top of my Tiramisu dress but it also works over a long top with jeans.

Faux Briar

The colour is a light aubergine, not one I would normally wear, but it feels really appropriate for winter. I only seem to wear it with black but that is the majoirty of my winter wardrobe anyway. What other colours would this go with do you think?

Faux Briar
Sorry for the frowning, our sun is super bright!

Construction-wise there is nothing fancy, I sewed all the pieces together with my overlocker only, and then finished the hems and neck by simply turning them under once and finishing with a twin-needle. It came together in about an hour even with all the hacking!

Have you ever started something and then just hacked it to get a result quite different from the original?

Pattern: Self-drafted
Fabric:  NZ Merino –1.25m x 150cm wide 

6 thoughts on “Snuggly Sweater

  1. Ohh luscious, delicious merino! 🙂 I love the aubergine, it's a great tone against the black, gives it a lift, might look good with the right toned brown too? I also like the subtle high-low hem.

  2. What a great top, it fit is perfect. I agreed I haven't been a fan of the curved hemline but I really like on your top. Such a yummy colour too, what about wearing it with a raspberry colour?

  3. Much more chic than a boring old sweatshirt! Love the colour 🙂 It's kind of like a neutral so you could probably wear it with just about anything 🙂

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