Completed: Polka Dot B5748

My lovely hubby and I spent last weekend up in Noosa (an hour and a half drive up the coast from where we live) – what a perfect opportunity to give my new dress an outing and give you lovely readers a change from my usual backdrops!

Technically it is still winter here, but seriously look at this weather, it was just fabulous, we are so spoilt. It was a gorgeous 25ΒΊC – perfection!


This is a new pattern to me, Butterick 5478, a vintage repro pattern with great back neckline detail. Whilst I love the end result, it definitely is not perfect, nevertheless I don’t care and know this will get stacks of wear!


The fabric is a polka dot cotton bought ages that I had stashed for the perfect pattern and I think this might be it!

I made quite a few modifications to get the fit and one to rescue a fit issue that I couldn’t be bothered fussing with!  First the rescue – I was having some issues getting the waist darts to sit properly due to the FBA, they just looked silly and wouldn’t sit flat. I then just cut the bottom off the bodice and replaced it with a band that I piped with white satin piping bought some time ago.  Then I ran into another drama, I cut the waistband and piping a touch too small and the waist didn’t fit, so I cast it aside for about four months. No idea how I did that, guess I was having a blonde moment and measured wrong, or perhaps I cut what I wanted to be instead of what I am πŸ˜‰

“Move your arms, do something interesting” says hubby/director/photographer

I pulled it out again recently as I have lost a little weight and yay it fitted!  So I finished it off with an invisible zipper and a pleated dirndl skirt.

My pattern alterations:
– shortened bodice by 1″
– added waistband
– dirndl skirt instead of circle (didn’t have enough fabric)

As always, I still think I could do a lot more to improve the fit for next time, but I am not sure that anyone apart from sewers and me would even notice.  We really are own worst critics aren’t we? Aside from the imperfections, I love, love, LOVE this dress!! I think this with a bit of tweaking, this  my next TNT pattern!  Oh and next time, it really needs pockets.

A bit of self indulgence πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Completed: Polka Dot B5748

  1. Oh its a lovely dress. I want the wardrobe you put that dress in so I can loose a few inches too. I love the piping. The weather has been perfect here till today! Back to freezing! (relatively).

  2. Oh so gorgeous! Am loving this dress on you. And hating you at the same time for frolicking at the beach when I'm wrapped up on the couch in a blanket and ugg boots. heehee – the polka dots are delish and so is the piping! personally… I prefer a dirdl to a circle πŸ˜‰

  3. Haha – I did try to loose some weight, so I suppose at least it is working! We have been really lucky with our weather, seems like we didn't have much of a winter

  4. I have to say it was pretty awesome to be at the beach paddling in August – that is unusual, but we had such a mild winter. The nights are cool (about 10) but the days have been 25 almost every day! Agree on the dirndl vs circle, uses less fabric too! My last circle was a bit droopy, but will try again and see if it's just the fabric

  5. Ooh, pretty, and perfect for August paddling. Personally all my Noosa photos seem to involve Massimo's icecream, which is why my wardrobe never does anything nice like that to the waistline of my dresses.I love the piping detail.

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