Frocktails and a new Elisalex

Recently the Aussie blogosphere has been all atwitter with excitement at the idea of Frocktails.  The basic premise – make a dress, wear it and turn up for a night of dinner and cocktails – brilliant!  The lovely Kat of All the Whimsical Things tirelessly organised the event to be held at a local Melbourne restaurant and 28 sewists turned out in self-made dresses and it was fabulous!!

with Amanda of Bimble & Pimble

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as intended, I guess I was talking too much – so jump across to Mel’s blog for more pics and to see everyone’s wonderful dresses.


Needless to say, a new dress was required for the occasion. I settled on another version of the Elisalex, I love my previous version but of course I have already worn that – I needed something new!

Frocktail Elisalex

As I had made it before construction wise I didn’t change too much although I did cut a much smaller size in the shoulders, this time was a 6 and grading to a 10 for the rest of the bodice.  I raised the shoulders about 1cm and took a 1″ wedge out of the upper back which resulted in a near perfect fit.

Frocktail Elisalex

But my pièce de résistance is the pockets – not only have I put some in, I had an idea (brilliant if I say so myself) of putting an invisible zipper on one so that I could put my cards & cash in for going out.  No more carrying a handbag or worrying where it is when I have had too many cocktails. Genius I say!!  (yep modest much?)

Frocktail ElisalexFrocktail Elisalex
Can you see the zip?? Me neither!!

Whilst I was in Melbourne I also did rather a lot of fabric shopping so I may have to consider a self-imposed ban whilst I do a bit of catch up! Ok, considered and I don’t want to be rash, what if something else comes along? 😉


Look out for next year’s meetup in Sydney!!

30 thoughts on “Frocktails and a new Elisalex

  1. Love that photo of the pocket! It seriously is a genius idea. I might have to steal it for my new going out dress. It was so lovely to meet you. I am still jealous of that pink cherry fabric!

  2. Ooo! Loving your new Elisalex! The zip pocket is genius. Yours is the first version I've seen with pockets, and I have been looking because I'm half way through making mine. I didn't go with pockets on mine because I don't think my fabric is stiff enough; and it would have been finished by now, but the overlocker cones I need seem to have gone missing in the post! Grrr…

  3. Woot! Looks like a terrific time was had at Frocktails. Your Elisalex is so pretty, the fabric jas such a nice sheen and print. And how super-smart to add an invisible zip to the pocket!!!! Brilliant. I'm so 'borrowing' that idea.

  4. Love it!!! Such great colours and patterns on you too – very flattering. And if you didn't think a gal needed a new dress for such an occasion… I would be calling the doctors in! Any excuse 😉

  5. The world of sewing blogs is going to overrun with invisible zip pocket copycats now! Such a genius idea! And your dress was/ is so stunning! This is one of those patterns where fabric choice seems crucial, and yours is perfect :)Lovely having a chat and laugh on Saturday!

  6. It was great to see you 🙂 all cocktail dresses should def come with this modification- you could safely rip up the d-floor without a bag! On the bright side, with a stash like that if there is ever an apolocalypse you'll still be fabulously dressed

  7. Love your Elisalex!! I so wish I could have gone, but I'm a bit further away than Sydney now 😦 hopefully when I'm in Melbourne it might be on again, I'd love to hang out with you ladies and talk sewing 🙂

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