Very Vexing Vogue 1247

Things are not always rosy in BusyLizzie-land. Do you ever have an idea in your head and it looks really good, but in reality it is just rubbish. This make is a big, big FAIL!!

Vogue 1247

I have always admired the lovely pattern detail on the top of Vogue 1247, I love the seam detailing on the front and thought it would be an interesting make as well as I thought it would be a nice comfy weekend top with jeans. Well, I was right on one count, it was interesting to make but I think it is the most unflattering thing I have made in ages!! The top is all constructed with french seams and it has a six pattern pieces to the front with diagonal seaming detail as well as shoulder pleating.

Vogue 1247

I think my biggest problem with it is how boxy it is. It is supposed to fall from my shoulders, but I think because my shoulders are narrower than the rest of my body, the concept of the design really didn’t work. It just kinda looks blergh 😦 
Vogue 1247

No, I am not fishing for compliments and comments of how it looks fine – I know it looks bad, but thought it was important to share with you the fails as well as the good.

Vogue 1247

I think it looks ok from the back, but really can’t walk everywhere backwards to avoid a front view.

Oh well, live and learn. Onto the next project. Anyone want a copy of Vogue 1247 cut out to a size 14? Seriously, never going to make this again, NEVER.

31 thoughts on “Very Vexing Vogue 1247

  1. Well, I have to say, I love this pattern, but it takes a million alterations to make mine not do all the things that don't work on me- everytime I make one I forget that it's majorly low cut, needs less upper body ease and just a million tweaks. Its a fun thing to sew tho, right?

  2. But you're so cute, even when you're pouting! You know, I've never been a big fan of this pattern no matter what body I've seen it on, although I know a lot of people are crazy about it. I also think the Sewing Gods do this once in a while to keep us humble! It certainly has happened to me enough times! And I'm a big fan of keeping it real – it's not realistic to expect every single thing to turn out great, but it's so easy to think they should when all we see on blogs is the great stuff! So thanks for sharing this!

  3. The fabric is cute. Can you save it? The most annoying thing about sewing is that you can't try it on beforehand! Boo! Thanks for sharing though. At least I'm not the only one.

  4. I made this same top last week and I have to admit it was a BIG FAIL for me too. I think you need wide shoulders for this style as you mentioned. I am so disappointed with mine as well because I was so happy with all my points meeting etc etc. I will still wear mine on a hot steamy day at home because I made it in soft linen which is very cool but you won't see me in public wearing it. This just adds to my dislike of Vogue patterns and their weird sizing.

  5. It's important to share your fails, to learn from them and also, well, to warn the rest of us, hehe! I bought this pattern too, mostly for the skirt but I have seen a couple of good versions of the top, still I was sceptical…If I try the top I will be sure to make in a fabric that I won't cry over if it all goes wrong πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh Lizzie. I was about to try this pattern for our hot, humid summers but now I'm scared again. The boxy aspect to this top is what gives me the heebi geebies. The skirt I love and will try it.But having said that I'm still going to try the top too, like you have done, because a bit of strategic fitting might help.I will follow your lead and use a very soft fabric first πŸ™‚

  7. Oh I love these photos! Your face in that second one is gold. Bummer about the top not working out. It sucks getting to the end of a project and it looking crap. I do like the fabric though.

  8. I made this pattern a few weeks ago and it did take quite a few modifications to get it fitting me in a way that I liked. It is indeed super boxy, I was having problems because as I took in the side seams to give more shape is messes with the draping from the shoulders and then ugh, you've got another problem to deal with! I still wouldn't say it is the most flattering I've ever made, it is quite comfortable to wear with jeans (heres the post if you're interested fabric is really cute though! I'm glad to hear it was only $5…I love me some cheap cute muslin-ing fabrics!

  9. I made this one. On the second go, I took out the pleats on the shoulder. Then I taped all the fiddly small parts together so I wouldn't have to worry about all those seams again. Finally I rotated the darts to the side. So now it doesn't look like the original top, still isn't 'flattering' but it's comfortable and easy to sew.

  10. Such a shame! My top is in super incredibly drapey rayon and I adore it. I get lots of compliments. What surprises me is how high the neckline is on yours. My top swims on me and I have to wear a singlet on it but it's lovely anyway. Your fabric looks like it's got much more structure than my rayon – but if you hate it – you hate it!

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