Floaty Flower Power Banksia

I think this is my fifth Banksia top!!  Previous versions here, herehere and here. So sorry for another of the same pattern, but on the plus side you all get to see how easy it is to change this pattern up for different looks!

Floral Floaty Banksia

Can you just tell I love this pattern?  It is such a great basic for making those wardrobe staples that we all need.  Just to let you in on a bit of a secret, I have about three more currently planned so look out for those in the coming weeks.

This time I had an inspiration to draw from, this lovely top from Ruche. If you haven’t seen their site, go check it out, they have some gorgeous stuff, but I think the postage to Australia would be a killer, besides I can copy/mimic right??


So as I said, I used the Megan Nielsen Banksia pattern as my base and made the following alterations:
– placed five pintucks around the neckline.  I didn’t compensate by adding any extra width to the neckline as I find the top to be roomy in that area on me anyway and I normally pinch some of this out of the pattern
– sewed mini ric rack over the pintucks and around the collar
– omitted the placket (obviously)
– raised the shoulders by ½”
– reduced width of collar (I have always found this collar to be too large and flappy)
– I didn’t need to alter the collar length to make it meet in the middle as the pintucks already took out enough fabric out of the neck opening

Floral Floaty Banksia

The fabric is a viscose from my favourite clothing store, Alannah Hill who make fabulous (but expensive) pretty, girly clothes, but also have a clearance store in Melbourne that sell the fabrics.  Whenever I am in Melbourne I make sure I go there.  This fabric is from last year’s haul purchases.

Floral Floaty Banksia

I love getting good value out of a pattern – sort of makes up for the duds doesn’t it?

PS – the offer is still there if anyone wants V1247 – free going to a good home?? Let me know in the comments.

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