A Drape Jacket – McCalls 6611

Just recently I was at my local Spotlight (chain fabric retailer) and they had all patterns on sale for $5!  This is not the norm here in Oz, normally even on special they start at about $10 each (approx US$9/£6), and at full price up to $25! I love a good bargain so spent some time flicking through the catalogues. I had been looking for a cute jacket pattern for a while, I wanted some waist shaping and a good layering piece – enter McCalls 6611.

McCalls 6611

Funny though, I got home and googled to find that the other Lizzy, SewBusyLizzy has made it before and so has SewBrunswick – both great versions too.

The jacket is fully lined, either self-lined or with a contrast depending on the look you are after.  I intend to make it in black, but thought I would start with a wearable muslin using some dusky pink fabric from my stash originally intended for an Anise (which I am still on the fence about).

McCalls 6611

I have always stayed away from the peplum look for a couple of reasons. One, I am not sure my hips or bum need emphasising and two, a lot of the peplums remind me way too much of my previous life as an ice skater!! The one on this jacket however doesn’t have that skater feel to me though so I kept it. It’s short though, so if you plan on wearing this with a shorter top or with low-rise jeans, you may wish to consider lengthening it.

Speaking of the peplum, the instructions do have a mistake in them, a step is missing to do with the attachment of the peplum. Fairly straightforward if you have seen the picture and have common sense, but it does miss the bit that tells you to turn it out the other way after sewing and then how to attach it.

McCalls 6611

The fabric I used is a soft-ish polyester blend suiting fabric and whilst drapey enough for the lapels, I am fairly sure that if the jacket was self-lined it would have been too bulky and certainly not comfortable to wear over bare arms.  I used a silky viscose lining fabric for the body and sleeves.

McCalls 6611

– narrowed the shoulders by an inch
– shortened the waist by 1″
– shortened the sleeves by 1.5″

If When I make it again:
– consider a ¾ sleeve
– perhaps narrow the sleeve
– try it in a knit, perhaps a ponte

McCalls 6611

Of course, when I finished, I spied this wonderful lurex cotton in my stash that would be perfect underneath, so ventured into making my first Wiksten Tank. Pretty sure I didn’t need to purchase this pattern, but it is a great little pattern if you want something quick and satisfying to make.

This is quite a different look for me as I mostly wear dresses, however sometimes on those mild days I like to wear trousers and it is nice to mix it up from time to time.

McCalls 6611

Pattern – McCalls 6611
Fabric – 2.2m of polyester suiting from my stash & 1.25m of viscose lining
Notions – thread

Pattern – Wiksten Tank
Fabric – 1.25m of lurex cotton & 0.5m batiste to line the front
Notions – thread

26 thoughts on “A Drape Jacket – McCalls 6611

  1. Um holy crow it’s freaking awesome! The fit is perfect and wonderfully proportioned, I LOVE how you’ve styled it, and the colour is so perfect that it’s ridiculous! This is such a great look. LOVE love LOVE!

    And yes I went to Spotlight today and almost fell over when I saw the pattern prices. It goes without saying that I made purchases.

  2. I love this pattern – it’s one of my all time favourite jackets – I wear it lots! I hope you get as much wear out of yours too. Greta colour and nice to see you in trousers/jeans! A change is always good… and provides more excuses to sew!

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