Ce n’est pas Parfait, mais son OK

First let me thank you all for the lovely comments on my latest Elisalex, I know I don’t respond to all of them but I do read and appreciate every one of them 🙂

Now onto a new (to me) pattern, the Colette Patterns Parfait dress.  I have had this a while but had never gotten around to sewing it.  When I bought some seersucker recently the first pattern I thought of was this one, I don’t always have an exact pattern in mind when I buy fabric, I always know whether I can see it as a dress or top or skirt or whatever, but not always specifically a pattern.

I have always been intrigued by this pattern as I felt with the bust gathers it probably wouldn’t need an FBA and would be easier to alter.  Gathers are much easy to adjust compared with darts!

So voila, the finished product:

Colette Parfait

As is usual with Colette patterns for me, I cut a different size front and back, I always find they are so generous across the back. I cut a size larger than normal for the bust piece to save doing an FBA. I tested this theory first on a muslin and it worked well.

I had to narrow the waistband by about an inch as I am short-waisted, well actually I’m short everywhere!

Colette Parfait
These pockets are cool!

I am not 100% sold to be honest.  I feel like it makes me look even more busty than normal, hence my title translated as “It’s not perfect but it’s ok”. I also don’t love the silhouette of the skirt and I would be more comfortable with a fuller skirt like a dirndl or even a circle skirt.

Colette Parfait
I like the back view

These photos are all taken on a recent weekend away with darling hubby – our 9 year wedding anniversary – I can’t believe it has been that long! We spent a lovely peaceful and relaxing long weekend at the beach.  It looks like we are the only people there, but it was actually super windy so everyone was avoiding the exfoliating properties of the sand and wind!! We didn’t end up spending much time on the beach but we had a fabulous time chillaxing in the sheltered area by the hotel pool. I did lots of reading and soaking up the sun.

Hubby took the photos, I am not sure he is much of a director but we had fun – here are some out-takes:

Colette Parfait
Arrgh – my hat is going to blow away!
Colette Parfait
Hubby: “Do a pose”
Me: “How ’bout this? I saw it on America’s Next Top Model!”
Colette Parfait
Hubby: “What about dinosaur arms like that other blogger?” (my tribute to Amanda)

I digress, back to the dress.

The good:
– I like the button detailing on the straps
– The pocket detail is cute
– it was easy to sew together and the instructions were clear

The bad:
– the side zipper is really annoying, I much prefer the zip in the back. I have restricted movement in my arm and find it hard to reach.
– not sure it is the most flattering of silhouettes for me
– it has facings – I hate facings! If I make it again, I would cut the bodice twice and self line it
– where the overlap is on the shoulder straps does not sit properly so I had to hand stitch it in place to stop it sitting wonky

Would I make it again:
Hmmm…maybe with a few changes…actually unlikely but I might steal some design details.

Colette Parfait

Pattern – Colette Parfait
Fabric – 2m of cotton seersucker
Notions – 12″ zipper, thread, 4 x buttons from my stash

30 thoughts on “Ce n’est pas Parfait, mais son OK

  1. Oh that’s gorgeous! I am especially in love with the pockets (I’m somewhat obsessed with a good pocket detail). All made extra lovely by photos in gorgeous sunshine! (Wraps scarf tighter round neck while gazing at grey, grey sky). 🙂

  2. I think it is really nice on you – I too love the strap details. I know what you mean about the busty style bringing more attention, as it is something I try to avoid too. But having said that, I do think it is a slimming style and my first impressions were all positive of this dress on you! Colour and background are all smashing, and the Top Model pose hilarious!

  3. Oh I like this! It does make your bosom take centre stage a little but I think its super flattering on you! To be fair I’m rather jealous as I’m never going to do an fba in my lifetime

  4. I think it is a perfect dress for a weekend away at the beach ~ and I’m guessing Noosa by the look of it! The back view is very flattering, as you noted. I’m sure you will get more wear out of it over the coming hot summer months … J

  5. Your drop shoulder is out of this world! Haha! I actually think this dress is super flattering on you, but maybe it’s your husband’s incredible photography skills doing it extra justice? Great colour too! 😀 x

  6. Perfect dress for the beach.. Looks pretty on you… [and hubby did a great job , taking photos..loved the conversation.ha].
    I like the pocket detail too.. Happy sewing..
    [ps , I am sooooo jealous of your pretty weather.. We are having freezing rain today and really cold..eeeh].

  7. Hahaha LOVE the outtakes!!! Those are always the best photos, IMO ^__^

    Thanks for sharing your tips on using the larger size in front in lieu of an FBA – I have had this pattern sitting idle in my stash because I wasn’t entirely sure how to tackle that particular challenge LOL.

    It’s a perfect beach dress, especially in that pretty pale blue – suits you perfectly! 🙂

  8. Bahahaha I love those out takes! I wasn’t entirely sold on this dress when I made it either. I quite like it on you though. The fabric you made it in is very sweet. You are right about it making you look busty though. It did that to me too. I saw sarai made it into a super cute romper which I’d like to attempt one day but I don’t think I’ll be making it as a dress again either.

  9. Fab blog! Thanks to your blogging I learned about Walthamstow market and visited it on Saturday. Many metres of fabric purchased!! Thank you Liz !!

  10. I love a classic Colette pattern, and this one is gorgeous! I’m a little embarrassed to say that while I have wanted the pattern ever since it came out, I still haven’t gotten around to it! Eeek!

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