Darling Ranges Dress

I was lucky to be a pattern tester for the new PDF version of Megan Neilsen’s Darling Ranges Dress. I am such a sucker for a shirt-dress and so couldn’t pass up this opportunity!

Darling Ranges Dress

The fabric is a light cotton voile that you may recognise from my recent Scout Tee – I remember it was a bargain at $2/m so I bought the rest of the bolt (about 4m) – I still have more left, perhaps I’ll make a backup Scout Tee, the one I have is at risk of being worn to death!

So back to the pattern: the PDF version has a couple of new versions including a dartless tunic (which I believe is a great maternity dress). The printed pattern is a total of 45 pages including 14 pages of instructions, so for a dress I didn’t think this was too bad. The pieces all print in tiled order and are straightforward to tape together. The only downside is that there isn’t a copyshop option, but perhaps this is coming (hint, hint)??

Darling Ranges Dress

This is a great little pattern and is a really fast make, there are no facings or tricky plackets. The armholes and neck are bound with bias which give a lovely tidy finish and no silly flappy facings! The only alteration I made to the original pattern was to do an FBA. Recently I have started making my dresses and tops selecting my size based on my upper bust measurement and then doing the relevant FBA. This is really improving the fit across the shoulders and is reducing the necessity of doing a narrow shoulder adjustment and it also means the back fits really well too. For more on this fitting theory, see Sunni’s post here.

The waistline is a little above my waist so I think for anyone taller than me (most people), you may wish to consider lengthening this. The pattern says it has a high waist, but I don’t like the waist too high. The length I also have not changed. I am a little on the fence on the waist ties as they restrict the ability to wear this with a belt and will likely leave these off next time.

Darling Ranges Dress

I am a big fan of this pattern and I am finding I am wearing this dress loads, it is so comfortable, there is quite a bit of ease in the waist and being made of super soft voile it feels like wearing pajamas and is so cool to wear. I also like that without a collar it is much easier to layer.

I can definitely see a winter version in my future(I even have the fabric in my stash) and can see it as a great layering piece with a cardi, tights and boots!

What are you all working on right now?  Are you madly trying to finish presents before the holiday season? Luckily I have no sewing deadlines so I am not too frazzled.

24 thoughts on “Darling Ranges Dress

  1. This is so lovely! I quite like the look of this as a sleeveless dress– really cute! I’ve had company for the last week and was frantically working on my final project for my patternmaking class, but now that the visitors are gone and the project’s turned in it’s full steam ahead with my Christmas sewing! 🙂

  2. Lovely! I am in the throws of completing PJ pants for all the adults on my list and compete PJ’s for the kids. Total # I’m making is 26! Best news is i have only 5 to go! One adult and 4 children! Oh, plus slippers for the kids and three blankets, two blankets are done. Whew!

  3. Nice dress choice. This is an excellent summer ‘go-to’ dress.
    The sewing deadlines are still on ( and being met) but hopefully my sewing machines will get a good holiday soon.

  4. I think this is one of the nicest Darling Ranges dresses I’ve seen on the internet! I’m sure it will get lots of wear for those steamy Brisbane days.

      1. Yes, do that. It really suits you.
        Funny I’ve avoided my school uniform colour too – bottle green. I have no wish, to revisit it though.

  5. Lovely dress! I really like shirtwaist dresses too but have none 😦 I have one planned for my spring sewing, but alas, it is far from spring weather here! haha! Loving your shoes, btw 😉

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