Elisalex v4 – Floral

It’s no secret I really like this pattern and now that I have made all the necessary fit adjustments to the pattern it makes a super quick project.


This time I used a gorgeous floral border print from the Alannah Hill clearance store in Melbourne. The fabric is some kind of dress weight fabric, I suspect polyester as it has no stretch at all and doesn’t crease. Great for sitting for prolonged times!  I lined it in a cotton voile for added comfort.

Not much to say about the construction as I covered my adjustments in my previous Elisalex posts 1, 2 & 3.  This time with the skirt, instead of the pegged in version of the pattern, I instead continued the line from the hip to the hemline to give more of a bell shape. I wanted to do this to highlight the border print.


No gaping at the back this time and I didn’t change anything. Again I kept with the invisible zip in the back.


These photos were taken on the way out to a work function, it’s a great little afternoon party/bbq dress.

With four versions already, I feel like I am starting to mimic Roisin, have you seen all her amazing versions??? Still when you get onto a winner of a pattern, why mess with a good thing?!

33 thoughts on “Elisalex v4 – Floral

  1. Gorgeous! Fits you perfectly and those cute little t-bar sandals of yours!! That fabric is perfect…I’m so jealous of the fabric stores in Melbourne…it’s a regular fabric desert here in Perth (and a desert in other senses as well – 38 today) 😛

      1. Yeah, DH is from Warwick, so I’ve been fabric shopping in Brizzy before. You actually do have more than Perth does…we’re an absolute Spotlight wasteland here 😛

      2. Oh yeah, we only have Fabulous Fabrics (SUPER pricey and mostly bridal/evening wear) or a small outlet shop I like but only open M-F! Otherwise, it’s spotty! I order online a lot, what can I say. I’ve been to Sckafs and they were ok.

      3. Oh wow, you have Knitwit! That is where I did my first sewing course when I was about 10 or 11.
        Forgot about Sckafs, they are ok, but a bit pricey, they always see to have fabric that is for a generation older than me!

      4. LOL! Yeah, didn’t end up buying anything at Sckafs. I had no car when in Brizzy, so was limited to the CBD and public transport (which is pricey!). Yeah, Knitwit is a Perth gem, that’s for sure. I always see their old patterns in op shops from the 80s. Cool, but some of those styles…yikes!

  2. Gorgeous Liz. A perfect party dress. I love the fabric and it is another wonderful find from your favourite shop. I am having a lovely time in NZ but haven’t worn my Elisalex dress here at all. Just a little chilly. See you Friday.

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