Top Misses of 2013

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

Following Gillian’s lead, I though I would follow the trend and do a bit of a recap on my creative 2013.

Let us start with the lows (that way I can finish on a high note). My year actually wasn’t too bad on the whole and in my view most of these aren’t complete duds. I have linked to the original posts if you want to click through.


On first glance this looks ok, but bear in mind I am stationery. As soon as I move, I am doomed, the skirt does not move at all, the fabric is way too stiff. A classic case of poor fabric match to a garment, this has been sent off to charity. In retrospect I should have salvaged the fabric for a purse!


Not a total dud, but so wide on the shoulders it is just frustrating to wear.  I wear it around the house, where I can rock the Flashdance look (kitty doesn’t judge). I have tried this pattern again taking it in at the shoulders, but it was still not good. This pattern is never to be re-visited again unfortunately.


This Tiramisu is Super comfy, but that is about where it ends. Again, a good lounging dress, but it is too saggy in the wrong places!  This came down to the wrong fabric and the pattern requiring some alteration through the bodice, fixed in my second version.


Now I like this dress, but I do feel a little self conscious in it, it is very “boob enhancing”, it kind of circles each one and goes “here check this out”.  But I still wear it when I feel summery and like flaunting it 😉

Vogue 1247

Now to my epic fail of 2013, this was all sorts of wrong. From the pattern shape on me, to the fabric choice.  All sorts of wrong.  BTW – I still have the pattern if anyone wants me to gift it to them (does my version not sell it to you??)

Honorable mention goes to:
Cambie fail


This was intended to be a Cambie, but I just wasn’t feeling it. After I started making it, the fabric felt too festive, too green and just too busy. I have treated the bodice as a muslin and plan to cut the skirt up into sleep shorts, so no great loss 🙂

I am not unhappy about these makes and for each one I learnt something either about me or about my body shape or style. I am getting much better at taking time to finish things properly and getting the fit correct. I have done more muslins this year than I have ever done and this has resulted in more wearable items. In fact, 90% of my wardrobe is now me made!

Roll on 2014 and all the awesome projects I have planned 🙂

22 thoughts on “Top Misses of 2013

  1. Your ‘misses’ are not that spectacular! They are always bigger in our own minds! Congrats on the 90% of your own wardrobe creations. Something I aspire to as well. Cheers, Karen

  2. Ha! Your description of the “Boobalicious” dress made me laugh out loud. You are right about “misses” too – I learn just as much from the trash as I do from the treasure.

    1. The Josephine would absolutely swamp you – I made the small so not sure what you would do!! It is just too wide across the back and shoulders. Last time I cut it out and took a 2″ wedge out of the back and it was still too big. I just think there are better fitting raglan tee patterns out there without these issues.

  3. Your #2 :Boobilicious” dress is one I like! But I can understand wearing it and how you feel in it can be different. ANd your #4 just has a look of Flashdance to it- But I guess Flashdance is passe… I am sure with what you learned from these you will do even better next year in the HITS department!

  4. So true that what something looks like in a photo may not necessarily make it a ‘win’ – whether it FEELS good and makes us feel good is really the key, isn’t it? 🙂 I love the learning process though – the more we have misses, the more excited we can be about the wins! May you have many wins (and a few valuable learning experience misses) for 2014 🙂

      1. Bahaha!! I’ve seen it work on a few people but those of us blessed with a lot of boobage don’t typically look that good in loose, flowy tops – I’ve definitely found THAT out with a few REALLY unfortunate ‘misses’ of my own! ^___^ LOL

      2. It actually does have just enough shaping to be lovely and comfy but still flattering – I was surprised too! I thought I’d look a hot mess in it haha 🙂

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