Top 5 for 2013 – Reflections, Goals and Inspiration

More on Gillian’s Top 5 for 2013, but this time I thought I would wrap up these last three in one lazy post! I have updated my progress on last year’s goals and surprisingly I didn’t do too badly overall.

I have been doing some thinking about 2014 and what I need in my wardrobe, what I would like to wear and what makes me happy.

1 – Personal Style

After years of wearing corporate clothing, I am only now (after 18 months) really getting a feel for what I like to wear, what makes me happy and what is my personal style. I used to wear black every day, usually a pant suit with some sort of shirt.  Turns out, I love colour and this year I really want to focus on my own colour palatte.  Preliminary investigations show that I want to dress like a cupcake!


I love dresses, swirly skirts and girly clothes and the shorter my hair gets, the girlier my clothes are getting! I am going to embrace this more and declare 2014 the Year of the Girly Girl!

2 – Wardrobe Requirements

I have a number of different aspects to my life and therefore a number of different wardrobe requirements:

– I work full time in a professional job and need some “nice, respectable” clothes for client visits. But, these are so infrequent I really only need a couple of decent dresses

– I spend a lot of time in an ice rink, I am an International Figure Skating Judge and therefore need super warm clothes for sitting & judging

– I live in a sub-tropical climate, which pretty much means I need the opposite to the previous point!

– I mostly work from home so I can wear what I like

I realise now it is almost impossible for these clothes to be interchangeable between my various activities, so I won’t even try!  I need to assess what I have, what I need, and what I’d like to wear but don’t have.

3 – Patterns

I have a lot of patterns, and upon going through them, I am really not sure I need any more.  I have loads and loads of dress patterns. Rather than accumulating more, I want to focus on the ones I like and that suit my body shape and as I learn more about what suits, get rid of the ones that don’t suit.  No point hanging onto those patterns that look terrible on me – move onwards and upwards. I will look into selling the excess via Etsy shortly

4 – My stash

I also have a lot of fabric, and I realise there is little point collecting it, I need to use it!  Not much good just sitting around in piles, and much easier to admire if I can wear it!  I plan to go through it all in a somewhat ruthless way and cull out the fabric I won’t use. I will then organise the rest – more on this in a later post.  More importantly I am going to use the stash to make beautiful things (I hope!)

5  – Enjoyment

I love the fantastic people I have met through sewing, my own blog and other blogs, Twitter and Instagram, both in real life and online. Everyone is supportive, friendly and sharing – it is a great network to be part of and I plan to stick around and meet even more of you!

To echo Lizzy’s sentiments, I will celebrate me for what I am and find that balance. As always, I plan to make what is fun and enjoyable, after all…

Life is Too Short

19 thoughts on “Top 5 for 2013 – Reflections, Goals and Inspiration

  1. I freaked out a bit when I read you judge figure skating. How amazing is that?! But how tricky it must be to dress for work when it’s so warm out?

    I have a bazillion patterns as well and am still learning what suits me. I imagine I will go through a few before I decide to give them to a new home. But with your etsy shop coming up, you have me curious…

    Happy sewing in 2014!

    1. You are right it is tricky to dress here sometimes, outside is so warm but then aircon is so enthusiastic. When I worked in the city, I would make a dash as quick as possible from the bus to the office. Now I can wear what I like, today, I sat in a sundress and worked – what could be better than that?
      I am thinking of organising some sort of trade idea online – maybe my trash will be another’s treasure? What do you think?

  2. If it wasn’t for your comment that you want to dress up like a cupcake, I was getting worried that you were being all too sensible and you wouldn’t want to come fabric shopping with me anymore!! I love your evolving style Liz and I can see 2014 being year of many sewing successes for you. Each garment that you make is a stepping stone in learning more and more about your style and improving upon your sewing and fitting skills. I am really looking forward to seeing what you make this coming year.

  3. It’s so interesting to read more about your different clothing needs– at least you won’t be lacking for variety in your sewing! 🙂 And I hear you about clothing getting girlier with your shorter hair! Now that I have a shorter, more androgynous cut, I’ve started wearing a lot more makeup and trying to always wear a necklace to sort of counteract the more boyish hair!

    I love everything you make, and I’m really excited to see what you make in 2014!

  4. I have a similar problem – different clothes needs for multiple environments! I always look and dream about beautiful dresses that I would (if I’m really honest) hardly ever get to wear!
    This yr I’m going to try and focus on things that are more practical and wearable for me. Having said that, I’ll inevitable just make stuff for the kids!
    Happy new year to you x

  5. One of the more interesting posts about plans for 2014, and I can totally relate on a couple of your points. I love making skirts and dresses, but when I actually think about what I wear in my daily life it is most shorts, jeans and various tops (mostly jersey). I then feel guilty for having a wardrobe which fills up with dresses that are generally worn only once.

    It would be great to actually meet you this year, and also connect with the other talented Brisbane sewists. We could hit Lincraft and Spotlight all at once (just kidding).

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