Belladone en Noir

Gee my French speaking is really coming along, don’t you think?? Believe it or not, I am trying to learn and can speak a little more than “Belladone in black”, so far I can order food and tell people I’m very busy and important!

Belladone Dress

I digress – onto the dress!  I made this before Christmas and have worn it a couple of times, it is a good tidy dress to wear to client meetings when I need to look like I know what I’m talking about! See the glasses, not for show, I need to wear them for computer work, reading, in fact anything close up!

The moment I finished my first Belladone I thought it would be a brilliant dress made up in black, something of a LBD if you will. So, the “Belladone en Noir” was born. The fabric you may recognize is the same fabric used on my Elisalex v3. I bought 3m and managed to get two dresses out of it – brilliant! As per previous use of this fabric, it was horrible and frayed and has absolutely no forgiving nature.  This dress is tight.  I cut the same size as my previous Belladone, but either I have porked up (possible), or the other fabric has more “give”. (I think a bit of both are likely)

Belladone Dress

Perhaps it’s not just my stash that needs to diet?  Note to self, standing up straight would give a much smoother line!!  That said, I really like how the back cut out looks and think the black is a very smart look, good for when one wishes to appear professional and not like a cupcake.

Belladone Dress

– mostly the same as last time, right down to still needing to do a small FBA to give me a little room in this area
– the shoulders are quite a bit narrower this time too.
– I didn’t use bias on the back opening, instead I folded the edges over twice, this has resulted in a larger opening which I like
– the armholes and neck are finished with purchased bias tape

I love making patterns multiple times, just feels like so much better value don’t you think?

Pattern – Belladone by Deer & Doe
Fabric – 1.5m of mystery polka dot polyester suit weigh fabric from Alannah Hill
Notions – Zipper, bias tape & thread from my stash

32 thoughts on “Belladone en Noir

  1. Hi there, lovely dress and fabric, and totally agree with using a pattern more than just once – makes up for all the other bought but as yet unsewn ones!!!

  2. Gorgeous lbd! It looks very professional, especially teamed with the glasses. I was just thinking I should really starting my belladone. It is the perfect little dress for summer. Especially in the fabric I have planned for it.

  3. This one is a winner. I love both the fit and the fabric. Can you believe I seldom make patterns more than once? It’s like I have the attention span of a two year old!

  4. It looks great! Love it in black.
    I’m learning French this year too and the Belladone is going to be my reward. Good luck with your studies!

  5. This is a lovely version. so stylish and the back cut out is a great feature. You look really smart in this outfit and have reminded me that I must add this pattern to my list!

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