Can you feel it?

I made a couple of the Maria Denmark Kimono Tees before Christmas and hadn’t got around to blogging them. Why? Because I am just not feeling the love.  Since making them, one in November, the other late December, I haven’t really worn them. But in the interests of sharing the good and the bad, here we go:

I like the one on the right a little more, perhaps the broderie anglaise on the fabric helps give it a more girly feel? I feel a bit masculine in the stripes outfit.

I was trying to figure out what the problem is. Is it:

a. the colour?
b. the style/silhouette?
c. the fabric choice?
d. or all of the above?

So this led me to thinking about colour palette…maybe I am not really sure what colours suit me.  I know what I like, but are they the best for me? Some stumbling about on the webs and I found this post regarding colours and what suits various colourings.  Based on this I am either a Summer or Spring, I can’t quite decide.

Summer Colour Palette
Spring Colour Palette

When I look at the palettes and what I think suits, I think I am a Summer, some of those Spring colours really do me no favours. I am terrible with yellows and yellow-y browns. But then I found this article which said I should have cool undertones and the Spring description seemed more like me. So now I am more confused than ever. I really like the colours in the Spring Palette, except the yellows, orange and browns. I like more of the Summer colours, although have never really explored purple/lilac. Argh – dilemma!!

Then I got to thinking some more…perhaps it is the silhouette. Normally I wear fit and flare dresses, or alternately tighter pants with a loose top.  This is just kind of baggy all over and I don’t have a waist.  Would the tops work better tucked into a skirt? I have been following along the Colette Wardrobe Architect series and interestingly this week is about exploring shape, not my shape, but the shape of clothing I feel most comfortable in.  On reading the post, I think I have had a personal revelation. I need a waist, I somehow need it defined, whether it be with a fit and flare dress or with a belt, it needs to be defined.

So in essence there is nothing wrong with these tees, but I need to find a way to wear them.  I think the first option is to make a girly skirt to balance out the lack of detail and to give me a waist. Or am I wasting my time? Is this colour not for me? Honesty please! (side note – perhaps I should wear makeup)

Have you looked at the Seasonal Colours before?  Do you think they are for real, or a bit of rubbish?

32 thoughts on “Can you feel it?

  1. I quite like the striped one. The sleeves and shape is nice and seems to fit you a bit better than the other. It looks good. I’m not in love with the other one, maybe the colour and the fabric is a little less drapey than the stripes? So maybe it is the colour, since both are similar in base.

  2. Have you read the Remixable Wardrobe posts at Putting Me Together?
    I just read it, and her photos are so good at showing how different clothes can look combined with layers/accessories. You definitely have an hourglass figure and I think your clothes look better with waist definition. On the other hand sometimes it’s just t-shirt and shorts weather, so I don’t know what the answer is!

  3. Your shirts are both lovely. I realize you are experiencing summer (totally jealous), but try a cute cardi maybe the teal in the Summer pallet. Yes, I have had my colors done. I am a Spring, but I think you are more of a Summer. You are absolutely an hourglass (like me. Yippee!!) and we tend to look boxy without waist definition. I would suggest making a darling skirt. You are a very talented seamstress.

  4. Actually I really like the colour but think perhaps it needs some pattern in the mix (especially with the right hand top) so maybe a lovely skirt would be the thing. I do like the fit of the stripey top as Debbie already mentioned. I also have an (big) hourglass shape with an enormous bust and for me a more scooped neckline is always favourable, so if I wear something cut quite straight on the neck I always wear a big statement necklace of something to break up my top half. Otherwise I look like the human cube! 😉

  5. The tops are lovely and it is a shame you don’t wear them. I feel you need more colour near your face.. Have you tried a strongly coloured neclace with them or a light cardigan/jacket in a bolder colour over the top?

  6. Meh, screw makeup, you look beautiful without. To me both these shirts look nice, but it’s really what you feel comfortable in that matters. Sewing can be a bit trial and error in this regard.

  7. Interesting, because I really love the striped one on you, especially with those shorts! I think it looks nautical and summery.

    I’ve never done the colors thing, but now you have me curious about it! But when I look at the two palettes, it seems like maybe the Summer colors would look better on you.

  8. For me the neckline on the stripes detracts from the tee… I personally find black and white stripes hard to wear – I think it’s the harshness of the contrast against my skin – however I love grey/black, grey/white or just about any combination provided they are not high contrast, ie super dark and super light.
    I quite like the lighter one on you. The neckline is nice. I think that if you razz it up with either a soft logn simple summer scarf or a statement necklace… longish with bigger beads, chains or something that it will break up the beige and turn it into a highly wearable piece.
    It’s funny I had sworn off some colours for life.. ie yellow, green etc as my skin is quite olive… however I’ve found that I can wear khaki – and get loads of compliments… and I love yellow just not next to my face. I’ve also found that my previously hated neutrals are a great base for cool accessories or fading into the background while another piece of the outfit leaps out. Not everything can be a hero 🙂

    1. Really must get into accessorising more, I’m a bit hopeless in that department. I have them but forget that I own them. Will do some experimenting.
      The one on the left is blush & beige, so is quite a soft contrast. I love the fabric just maybe need to style it differently

      1. I used to be hopeless with accessories – hardly changed my earrings! I got a free-standing mirror that has a necklace, earring, scarf cupboard hidden behind it – now they are easily accessible I’m chucking things on all the time!

      2. Know the feeling. We have plenty of storage but there were no full length mirrors – had to do something about that! I’m thinking of replacing the built-in wardrobe doors in my sewing room with mirrors… not very stylish decor but entirely practical – saves running up & downstairs in a state of undress!!

  9. i think this is a great layering tee since kimono sleeves fit easily under cardigans. however, on their own, i’m not super in love with the kimono sleeve. it always feels too broad shouldered, and the high neckline doesn’t help so much. i’ve made this top (also in a stripe) and i have to wear a big long necklace to break it up visually. as to colors… i have no idea what i am! though it is intriguing, i should investigate this. maybe i’ll have an easier time picking fabric colors!

  10. Hmmm… This is a pattern I love, and it fits similarly to yours… but I can also see how it doesn’t match the silhouette you prefer! You are definitely more hourglassy than me!
    Do you have any scrap fabric left? I’d be really tempted to redo the necklines and scoop it lower, especially on the stripes. I think it would make it more girly!
    As for colours… I’ve never been able to figure out what “season” I am! They just enevr seem to match up. That’s why I like my colour palette mathod – just start with what you like and what you look good in, and make you own rules! 🙂

  11. I remember when it was all the rage to get your colours done! Haha! In the end I figure you need to wear what makes you happy. If green is my colour but I hate it, what good does that do me? LOL… If you love a colour but it doesn’t suit you naturally, then you can totally FORCE it to work with makeup, accessories, or whatever 😀

    All that being said, sometimes there’s no “scientific” reason for why something doesn’t feel good to wear. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with the tees, except maybe it’s just not their “time” LOL. Maybe these become closet dwellers until they re-emerge one day as a brand new, fresh wardrobe item that suddenly does feel good to wear 🙂

    Long story short, don’t waste time on clothes you don’t love – it looks hot there, so wear something that makes you feel cool, refreshed, breezy and beautiful 😀

  12. I really like your tees.. But, my favorite was the stripe..I thought it looked really casual and nice with the black shorts..
    I think the other one, would be really cute paired with a girly floral skirt..
    Hope you get to liking them better..

  13. I like them both; and the thing to do if you reckon the colour isn’t good next to your face is to accesorise with a colour that you know does look good on you: here I’d be saying a scarf, but given your clime it might more reasonably be a necklace of something of that nature. Also, even if the more fitted style is your personal preference, the looser, more casual look seems to me to be a winner as a change from that. Variety is a good thing!

  14. I really like both these tops…I think the neckline on the non-striped one is my favourite – it’s a bit more “open”. As I have a bigger bust I try to wear things that show a bit of Décolletage…oh la la. I think the more open style really suits you. I know you think they don’t really give you a waist but I think as they are more fitted across the bust you have some good shape going on (does that sound pervy…)?

    Season colours hey…I just wear what I like even if it doesn’t like me.

  15. What about tucking it into a bright and fun hollyburn skirt? Or something that gives it that definition? It won’t work so well with shorts I guess….but then add the much suggested statement necklace and off you go!

  16. What a fantastic post! I had my colours “done” and I turned out to be a Summer which was a surprise as I thought I looked good in my wardrobe of Winter colour clothes. However when I did try out the more muted colours including the dreaded lilac the transformation was sureal – I looked healthier/ fresher/ younger! Now when I wear lilac now strangers compliment me on how good I look! So maybe give lilac a try…

  17. I am drawn to your striped version and less so the straight cream version. I really like the boldness of the lines and I quite like the neckline on you as well. I feel the high neckline is balanced by the interesting standup treatment. I think it is not just your colouring that counts, but also your features and style.

    I am a “spring” but have some strong features (l am not a petit or fine boned spring and I have light red hair) and I find the straight creams are feel fairly meh on me when right next to my face, draining my colour perhaps because they are too close to my skin colour – the vivid, clear, bright colours are best for me – I need the contrast and definition of a clear colour and use the creams / ivories as highlights. Many colour companies have refined their definitions of the seasons over recent years, I think recognising that all colours are not equal even though the base undertone and colouring suggest one of 4 broad groups. For example, I tend more towards a “Warm Spring” or “Clear Spring” rather than a “Light Spring” in the Colour Me Beautiful definitions.

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