Sacre bleu Dress

Last weekend hubby and I were fortunate to spend the weekend down on the Gold Coast at a gorgeous luxury resort. So relaxing and so much food! I have to say I am a sucker for a good buffet breakfast and caramelized banana on waffles? What an awesome way to start the day!

So of course a beach location mini-break means a new sundress! This is made from some of the lovely fabric haul I bought in the Black Friday sale last year (yay more stashbusting) and at the time of writing it is still available here if you like it as much as me.

Sacre Bleu Hazel

The pattern is Hazel from Colette Patterns but with the skirt switched out to a dirndl (with pockets of course).

Sacre Bleu Hazel

For the construction of the bodice I used the same sizing as last time. The pattern has facings on the bodice, however I chose to fully self-line it. When I made it with facings they drove me crazy and kept wanting to pop out at the back.  Also I like how much tidier on the inside it is when fully lined as it catches in the waistband. I also topstitched around the waist to ensure the gathering sat nice and flat. No-one needs extra bulk around the waist!!

Sacre Bleu Hazel

The skirt is my often used gathered skirt, just two panels, each cut using the full width of my fabric and gathered.

Briefly, my method of gathering involves sewing two rows of stitching at a length of 4.0, one row at about 6mm from the top edge of my skirt fabric, the other about 2cm from the edge. I then pull the bottom threads up to gather the fabric to the desired length and ensure I am happy with the spacing. Then when I attach this to my bodice, the spacing is nice and even. With a seam allowance of 1.5cm it means you won’t accidentally sew over the gathering stitches and they will be nice and easy to pull out.

Sorry, no pictures of the back, I guess I forgot!  Oh well, just imagine, lapped zipper and straps nicely covering my bras straps. I promise it is the case! I do have more pics of me being a dork though.  Hubby was director/photographer again:

Sacre Bleu Hazel
Hubby: “Look pensive”
Sacre Bleu Hazel
Me: “Like this??”

Such a nice couple of days away, we did absolutely nothing except eat and relax, oh yeah a few cocktails may have been consumed also!

Ahhh, this is the life!

Pattern – Hazel by Colette
Fabric – 2.5m of Amy Butler Cameo Forget Me Not cotton from
Notions – zipper & thread from my stash

Stash update:
New total = 159.8m

27 thoughts on “Sacre bleu Dress

  1. Oh i love this dress on you – the colour is spectacular!! I fully agree about the facings being a gigantic pain – good idea to just line the darn bodice! I think facings should be banned eternally! LOL

    My man is from Melbourne so he’s been to Gold Coast and I must say, it’s on my top list of places to visit, and I may very well get there sooner than later! 🙂

    Also, yay breakfast!!!! 😀 I am a breakfast LOVER – nothing is quite as pure bliss to me than a really good breakfast buffet, and a fantastic cup of coffee (although those two things usually aren’t found together for some reason LOL) My man knows if he’s booking a hotel for us it better have a good breakfast or I’m not on board – scenery and luxury sheets are great and all, but breakfast is the only thing that matters in the end LOL.

    1. Ooh firstly thanks for you lovely compliment on my dress 🙂
      You must get to the GC – we stayed at the Palazzo Versace, it is super swanky but well worth the treat. Let me know if you are in the area and I’ll come visit!!
      OMG, I love breakfast, well actually food in general, but good breakfast is my favourites…ok one of my favourites 😉

      1. We are heading to Melbourne at the end of March but I don’t think we’re gonna make it to GC this time 😦 If for some reason we do, though, I’ll let you know!! 😀

  2. Loving this dress! It looks great on you, really nice fit and gorgeous fabric! I fancied having a go at this pattern myself but was a bit hesitant, so it’s nice to see that it can look good on someone curvy like me :-).

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