Plantain Love

This post was supposed to go up on Friday for Valentines Day, but sometimes things get in the way. This time technology was the problem. I completely lost all internet at home, in fact my whole street has been out for 5 days! I normally work from home 3 days a week and Friday is one of them. With the internet being out I couldn’t work on Friday, but couldn’t go to the office as I had to wait at home for a technician – frustrating! I was going to spend the day sewing but I also had some home stuff to get out of the way and ended up completely re-painting my kitchen so at least that left more of my weekend free.  Sometimes you just have to find that silver lining.

Anyway, onto the sewing.  I am sure all you sewing peeps are aware of the free Plantain Tee pattern downloadable from Deer & Doe. I had heard it described on Twitter as “life changing”, so of course had to see if this was true.

Plantain tee love

I am not sure I would go so far as to call it “life changing”, but it is pretty damn cool.  The fit is great and it makes up super fast. If you have an overlocker it can be done in about 30 minutes start to finish.

Plantain tee love
I really like the neckline – it is the perfect shape to be universally flattering

I started by making a plain pale pink short sleeve one. The observant amongst you will have you noticed this isn’t it. This is in fact my third Plantain and I think, the prettiest one.

I made no alterations to the pattern, cutting a size 38 in the shoulders, grading out to a 42 bust and 44 in the hips based on my measurements.

Plantain tee love
I had a lot of this grey Wool Jersey, I only asked for a metre, but when the lady at the store pulled it from the roll she noticed an almost invisible flaw about a metre in and started measuring from there – this meant I ended up with 2 metres for $5 – gee I love a bargain! The fabric is also 150cm wide so a little goes a long way. I ended up getting two long sleeve tees out of this.

In my world, one cannot have two completely identical garments, so I needed to differentiate them somehow. This is how my coverstitch was introduced to Plantain and a match in heaven was made.  Since buying the machine I have been wanting to play with the decorative stitch. Using pink thread I top-stitched the sleeves, neck and the cute elbow patches.
Plantain tee love
The elbow patches are just modified into the shape of a heart that I did freeform with my scissors eyeballing the shape. Bizarrely over the weekend I saw Anna do the exact same thing on the Deer & Doe blog and she even helpfully made a tutorial, which is a lot more technical than my dodgy method. Great minds think alike huh?

Plantain tee love

I have a couple more planned that I hope to make this weekend – it is a fabulous wardrobe staple. I highly recommend this pattern and did I mention it is free??

Plantain tee love

Pattern – Plantain Tee by Deer & Doe
Fabric – 1m pink cotton rayon knit from, 2m of Wool Jersey from Alannah Hill, Melbourne
Notions – thread from my stash

Stash update:
New total = 154.5m
(I also made an unblogged Hollyburn skirt)

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