Knitting: Hetty

I always have at least one knitting project on the go (at the moment three!) Most of my spare time is spent sewing, renovating, or gardening but sometimes I like to sit down and enjoy some telly. Not being one who is good at just sitting without doing something else, when I watch TV I also knit. I find this a very relaxing, zoning out thing to do, perfect if I have had a killer brain drain day at work.
The Hetty by Andi Satterlund is a great pattern for zoning out, the pattern repeats over 8 rows (although half of those are just stocking stitch). No tricky stitches either, just a combination of make one, yarn overs, knit two together, and passing over. In my opinion, nothing a confident newbie couldn’t handle.

The pattern is relatively straightforward to follow and the instructions are very clear, although I do think you have to use your intuition in relation to the pattern when decreasing for the sleeves and bodice shaping as the pattern just says to continue working as established. Of course by this stage I think you would be fairly familiar with the pattern and this shouldn’t be a problem.

The only change I made to the pattern was to lengthen the sleeves to full length as I don’t find I wear my three quarter cardis so much, I am either cold or I’m not, and if I’m cold I like a full sleeve.  To do this, I just carried on knitting and decreasing as per the pattern (every 10 rows) until the sleeve was the desired length.

For next time I think I would knit the front a larger size as it pulls a little (the back is perfect), it is still comfortable, but perhaps a little more negative ease than is preferable.  I also may lengthen it by one pattern repeat as this falls just on my waist, although this could be due to my needing to make the front a little larger.

I am super happy with my short rows for the sleeve cap!

My Hetty is made up in a Berroco Vintage yarn bought last year on a trip through Nashville. The gorgeous and prolific sewist Lauren of Lladybird suggested I go to Bliss Yarns to check out their range, it was worth the trip, I went away $200 poorer but so much richer in yarn!!  This yarn is delicious, so soft and warm, in fact I am really doing it tough in these pics, over 30 degrees and I’m in a cardi to show you all, that is dedication (or stupidity)!

Andi Satterlund has so many fabulous patterns, I just want to knit them all!  There is the ubiquitous Miette which I made last year, the Marion, Aiken and Chuck just to name a few. I just love the vintage feel of these patterns, yet in comparison to the normally fingering weight yarn of vintage patterns, the Andi Satterlund patterns are all knitted in a worsted weight, so they knit up fast. Another plus is that all her patterns are knitted from the top down, so not only is there no sewing together at the end, you can also try it on as you go. Plus the length of her patterns always seem to be just perfect to go with a full skirted dress, and we all know I have a lot of those! It’s like she designed the patterns especially to suit my wardrobe!!
I have just cast on the swatch for my next project (yep still two others to finish) Braid Hills but this appears to be a bit more of a thinking project and already I have made mistakes, good thing it is just the swatch!!  Hopefully it will get better as I get used to the pattern.  I have a big plane trip on Saturday (to the UK) so a lot of time to get it sorted out!!

Do you knit? What are you knitting at the moment? Can you recommend me any good patterns??

18 thoughts on “Knitting: Hetty

  1. I really love this color on you, especially with the dress. I am learning to knit with craftsy, but am definitely am eying this pattern for when I finish learning the basics with my craftsy classes! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Ooh, this is lovely! What a gorgeous sweater! Beautiful work! This color really suits you. 🙂 Right now I’m working on a second version of the Twenty Ten Cardigan pattern, which you might not like as it’s short-sleeved (I like to wear it over a long-sleeved tee because the thick aran yarn is a little too hot to wear in a long sleeve).

  3. This is a gorgeous cardi. I like the retro look it has. I love to knit in front of the tv too. At the minute my mum and I are knitting the ‘Natural Nativity’ by Alan Dart. They are really neat little figures- about 15 in total! Hoping it will be done by Christmas !!!! Although I have made two and my mum has finished hers and helping with mine! Lol

  4. Such a lovely cardigan, and that colour looks so good on you! If I finish my Miette cardigan, the Hetty is next. Can’t wait, it looks like such a fun pattern to knit, and i hope it will look as good as yours 🙂

  5. Your cardigan is gorgeous! I love the colour, and the sleeve heads are very pleasing! I have two of Andi’s patterns in my queue, I just have to finish my Kate Davies Manu cardigan first. Have a lovely trip, and bring a coat because the UK is freezing!!

  6. I’m not sure if I told you this yet but I really love your cardigan! It’s gorgeous. So perfect. You’re a wiz with the decreases and pattern – I had to write it all out!

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