Going dotty for the Lady Skater Dress

This week for a change of scenery I am in London! Ok I admit I didn’t do it for the blog, but a change is good right? Upon finding out I needed to be here, my first thought was “it will be cold, I’ll need new winter clothes”. Of course the fact that I must have worn something last winter has not escaped me, but to me travelling means new outfits (generally I don’t need much of excuse for a new outfit really).

I have been wanting to try the Lady Skater dress by Kitschy Coo for a while and had the perfect ponte in my stash. First I made it in red, but I am showing you my second one first. Why? Because that is what I wore today of course!

A word to the wise – the pattern lines are in different colours, I didn’t know this before I printed it and so when I used the cheap option of black and white it was tricky to see the different sizes. Still counting the lines was easy enough. I cut a size 4 in the bust, grading out to a 5 for the waist and hips and this worked brilliantly. No FBA required – yay, time saver! I did find it long in the body and took about 1.5″ off the length.

For some reason my first two versions seem shorter than others I have seen about the internets. I didn’t alter the skirt length so I am not sure if that is because others have lengthened theirs or whether I have used a more stable knit that hasn’t dropped as much? I am not tall at all so that is not it! I did learn this morning that there is supposed to be elastic on the waist, I didn’t do this step because I didn’t read the instructions. I just sewed it together as I would a tee. I don’t think any of my versions would benefit from the elastic, but this may depend on the stability of the knit chosen.

This is a super quick make (I think even for a newbie), all the seams were sewn on my overlocker and the hems with my coverstitch machine. All up including cutting 45 minutes. When I had just finished a coat (to be blogged soon) which took about a week, this was an awesome quick project. Sometimes it is nice to have those quick, gratifying makes.

This dress is a brilliant travel dress. It is easy to throw in the suitcase, comfy to wear on the plane but still looks great. It works really well with my Coppelia cardi as worn today. (Psst any black you see poking out the neckline is my thermal underwear!)

I must warn you all, I have made three of these dresses now, with at least one more planned 🙂 I really am becoming queen of the repeat pattern lately huh? Promise I’ll try some new ones when I get back.

Pattern – Lady Skater dress by Kitschy Coo
Fabric – 1.7m polka dot ponte from fabric.com

34 thoughts on “Going dotty for the Lady Skater Dress

  1. Ooo! I love this dress! I’ve been a bit scared of the Lady Skater, and eased myself into knits with Tilly’s Coco pattern. Enjoy London, and I love your boots!

  2. Love your polka dot version. The Lady Skater is like some kind of hard core sewing drug … I’m three in with version 4 cut out and ready to go. It really is one of the easiest dresses to wear. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  3. Love this dress Liz and the black Coppelia wrap top looks perfect with it. Have a great trip and don’t get too cold. Since you have left, Brizzie has got cooler!!!

  4. I must say, the more versions of this that I see, the more I’m tempted to make one for myself. It’s a lovely, flattering shape and the colour you’ve chosen is wonderful. Also, spots. Couldn’t be better! Also, winter? On its way. Hope you’re spotted wearing lots of fun fabrics while you’re in the UK. And having lots of fun, too.

  5. Love,love,love this dress.. One of the prettiest dresses you have made..Look so pretty on you.
    [Now traveling is a FANTASTIC excuse to make you a new dress or two.lol].. Have fun in London. and look forward to seeing your next Lady Skater dress.

  6. Wow, you really can’t beat 45 minutes – that’s seriously faster than it would take to go to the mall, try on dresses, buy one, and come back – if you even found something nearly as cute! Well done!! 🙂

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