V7979 – A super cosy coat

Back in February when I found out I needed to be in Europe soon I had a small panic. My coat that I had was very worn, sad and pilled. Also it really wasn’t that warm (probably synthetic, it’s RTW) .  I have other coats, but not ones appropriate for judging or for the super cold. When I judge I am supposed to be unobtrusive and to wear dark colours, so obviously my two white coats I have weren’t an option. I have two puffer coats but these are not dressy enough for sitting on the judging panel of a major event.

Of course my sewing brain took over – I could make a coat! I had the fabric already (bought in November), I had the pattern and the buttons were already made. With two weeks until I was due to leave, did I have time to make it? I figured why not give it a go? Worst case I could take my old, sad (probably only to me) coat or one of my puffer coats.

With some serious dedication and some sewing just about every day I got it done in just over a week! (Plus I also managed to re-paint the kitchen, buy a block of land and worked full-time – yep, my blog title isn’t just a name)

The pattern of choice – V7979 (view A) which I have had in my stash for years, I mean look at that artwork, that is serious 90s business, although the actual lines of the coat are fairly timeless.  A quick muslin revealed that I needed to petite the pattern with an inch and a half out of the body and narrowing the shoulders.

The fabric is a lovely wool from my favourite shop in Melbourne Alannah Hill, only $10/m too!! I decided that I really wanted to make an effort for this coat to be super warm. I am not used to the cold and when I travel I always freeze so I interlined the whole coat with flannel to add an extra cosy layer and to stop the wind cutting through. I also interfaced with hair canvas. I haven’t done so much hand stitching on a project for ages! Of course in my haste to finish and get to the real sewing (as in putting the pieces together) I have no pictures so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

To interline the coat, I cut the shell pieces in the flannel and hand-stitched them to each outer shell piece.  Once the seams were sewn, I then trimmed the interlining extremely close to the stitching line to reduce the seam bulk. This was a little scary as I was worried I would cut the outer fabric.

The coat went together quite easily. There seemed like loads of pattern pieces (especially with the three layers and with the interlining it was a lot of fabric to handle but my little Janome coped just fine and no special walking feet or anything were required.  The most difficult part was making it in 30 degree heat! I didn’t want it on my lap for handsewing and it was not fun trying it on – too hot!! I know it sounds like I am complaining, I’m not, I love the warm weather, but off season sewing has its challenges!


I love some of the detailing of the coat. It has lovely hidden in seam pockets, top-stitching detailing, and I love the back belt too. The buttons I had made by a fantastic store, Buttonmania in Melbourne who make any kind of covered button you can imagine. Their service is fantastic and quick too and they post anywhere in Australia!

So tried and tested in London and Holland, this coat is super cosy – it is a definite wardrobe winner and I wore it almost every day – mostly like this:

Do you like how my handbag matches the letterbox?!

I am super happy with this coat and the extra effort and hand-sewing were definitely worthwhile.

What would I change for next time? Nothing!!  I love it!! (although a more exciting colour would be fun)

Now some extra pics for all you details peeps:

Silk lining

Pattern – Vogue 7979
Fabric – 3m wool & 2.5m silk lining from Alannah Hill and 2.5m of flannel from Lincraft
Notions – thread from my stash, buttons made by Buttonmania

47 thoughts on “V7979 – A super cosy coat

  1. This is AWESOME! And Alannah comes through with the goods yet again. She is such a saucy minx! And P to the S you look fierce!

  2. That looks amazing, and I really can’t believe how fast you pulled it together! I made a coat recently and it took me pretty much 8 weeks 😀

    1. Oops – got so excited I hit something and posted too soon, LOL!

      You are just amazing – I can’t believe you made this gorgeous coat in a week! I spend longer than that ruminating and figuring out a project! It is just beautiful, and perfect in every way!

  3. your coat is beautiful.. I am so amazed at how fast you made it.. And painted the kitchen, and did all that other stuff..Girl you are BizzieLizzie..lol I love the details of the coat.. Just perfect.

  4. that is one fabulous coat. If I say “complimenti” I’m not showing off; it’s just the first thing that comes to mind in this Italian household and has a different feel from “compliments”. Either way, well, the sentiment is the same!

  5. This is an amazing coat. You’re right, the style is timeless and you will wear it forever. Very, very stylish. Must have been so hard to make it in the heat!

  6. Well done Liz, this is a fabulous coat and you have sewn it and fitted it perfectly. You do look so warm and cosy.

  7. Oh my goodness! Your coat is gorgeous! I love the red lining, and I’m gkad to hear that it didn’t take too long to make. I’m planning to make a similar Vogue pattern coat later in the year.

  8. this is a fantastic coat! you should have told us you labored over it for weeks, i totally would have believed it! great fit, classic look… i love it!

  9. Fantastic work! Your coat looks ever so stylish and certainly wouldn’t be out of place in Melbourne. I too have that pattern, acquired when it was ‘on trend’, when I thought I was going to make myself a winter coat. Although living in tropical QLD at the time I don’t know where I ever thought I was going to wear it! Buttonmania is the bomb isn’t it?

  10. Lovely stuff! I’m not fibbing either since I examined it up close. A classy bit of pink lining too. Congrats on fitting this into your busy schedule and ending up with a great little coat

  11. Oh Lizzie – I’ve got coat envy! This looks just like my favourite ever coat, and I only wish my sewing skills were up to a recreation. Well done you (from a fellow petite-y).

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