The inaugural Brisbane Meetup

Yesterday in Brisbane, it was (unusually) a dreary day, however dedicated sewists from far and wide descended on the Brisbane Marriott for the inaugural High Tea Meetup.  In all, 27 people attended, a fabulous turnout!! Even Lizzy from Sewbusylizzy travelled up for the weekend!


So much colour, even the maître-d noticed that we were all fabulously dressed, of course upon finding out we all sewed his first question was “does anyone do hemming?”  “aaaah, no I don’t think so, we don’t tend to do alterations” was my somewhat diplomatic response. I then proceeded to introduce him to the wonders of hemming tape, I am sure that would be much easier for the poor height deprived man.


Back to the festivities, fabulous food was consumed, bubbly was consumed and of course then there was the swap!

I love the concentration on Lizzy's face in this pic
I love the concentration on Lizzy’s face in this pic

Boy oh boy was there some treasure, we had to set up one table for patterns and one for fabric. Just about everyone walked away with something new to them, even those that were trying to resist!


I was expecting the swap to be crazy, but apparently we are civilized ladies and it wasn’t the elbowing and screaming that I might have envisaged, yeah I admit, that would have been pretty entertaining 🙂

Gail, Jo, Angela and Michelle

The fabulous ladies in attendance:

Reana Louise, Donna, Lizzy, Sarah, Susie, Dorlene, Michelle, Christine, Rosi, Sofie, Angela, SueJulie, Lana, Sophie, Erin, Gail, Jo, Bianca, Karen, Colette , Kat , Denise,  Judith, Karen, Marjorie and Alice.

With the ever stunning Reana Louise

I didn’t have time to make a new dress for the occasion but pulled out my Alannah Hill floral number blogged here.

Instagram was going pretty crazy with excited photo posts and we have now decided that we will be meeting up much more often. We have a new Brisbane Spoolettes page on Facebook and have decided we definitely need more events, because more events equals more outfit opportunities!! Such a fabulous day and I for one left with an exceedingly croaky voice!! Gee I love meetups!

36 thoughts on “The inaugural Brisbane Meetup

  1. Lizzie it was a great day. I had so much fun and loved talking with people who love sewing too. The swap was fantastic fun and very respectful:). It was fun meeting you and Lizzie on Saturday too and I forgot to ask yesterday if the house got sold? Thanks for organising this. I’m not on Facebook but I’m sure I’ll hear about the Brisbane Spoolette meet ups! Can’t wait.

    1. So glad you could come, it was a great day (although I was exhausted when I got home!!)
      I think the house is sold – should be unconditional on Friday, crossing fingers 🙂

  2. What a day! What a fabulous, visually stimulating, sugar-fuelled day: amazing. You are an organising queen and I completely relished the opportunity to show off seam finishes and touch people’s clothing without seeming like a total creeper. Also, beside our height we totally matched. Just sayin. x

  3. It was so much fun and I too can’t wait for the next meet up. Like Reana, it was nice to touch other’s ladies dresses without seeming like a creep and they totally understanding what we were on about!!

  4. SO MUCH FUN. I’m so incredibly behind on blog reading/commenting… but just had to say nice work on organising the festivities ladies! Ok, back to sewing for me…

  5. Oh so bummed I couldn’t make it – it was lovely catching up on Saturday though. So looking forward to attending the next one and meeting some if these lovely ladies. Don’t they all look great!

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