The Stockholm Cowl

Things have been very quiet here on the sewing front for the last few weeks. Not like me, I know, but things have been nothing short of crazy. To summarize:

– We bought a block of land just before I went overseas
– I spent two weeks overseas
– The weekend after I was back was spend doing more painting, tidying etc
– We listed our house for sale that Monday
– We had the epic Brisbane meetup
– I think (hopefully not jinxing) we have sold the house already (not bad after one week on the market)

So what are the plans for this weekend??? RELAX!!!!

I have a few blog posts to catch you up on with things I made before I went away, but at the clever Lizzy‘s suggestion I might roll them into one post. Then it is time to get back into some sewing. I have so many plans.

First up a Sew Dolly Clackett dress. I actually have plans for about three of these, possibly because it is not a huge departure from my normal style. But I am currently obsessed with two patterns, the first is the Kielo wrap dress from Named – have you seen Donna‘s version? This is what convinced me – I am even tempted to make it for a friend, I don’t normally do selfless sewing, but I know she would love it.  When I first saw this come out I was completely unimpressed, but having seen it made up and in a knit fabric I am sold. I really wish more independent patterns would release the technical drawings for perusal too (if they don’t have them I don’t buy them). The tech drawings on this don’t show the wrap and the model version is made in some kind of Georgette by the looks of it so to me looked very blergh.  Me, I am envisaging it shorter and in a solid colour (to be determined by availability), unfortunately I was not blessed by enough height to make the maxi work.

The second dress I am obsessing over at the moment is the Pia Dress by Tessuti.  Again, not normally my style but I like how relaxed it is and the arty, funky feel of it.

Clearly I am feeling like trying a few new things – watch this space to see how it goes!

Now to share another project with you, this time knitting.  You might have noticed in my coat post the giant cowl I was wearing? It is the Stockholm Scarf, a free to download pattern on Ravelry.


The yarn is Berocco Ultra Alpaca, gorgeous, soft and scooshy knit and not scratchy at all (hubby bought it for me for Xmas, isn’t he good?). Best of all it is super warm! The pattern is a super straightforward combination of knit, purl, knit togethers and yarn overs which I think a beginner could tackle no problem. Once you have done a few rows, the pattern all becomes clear and it is much easier.  I made mine12″ wide instead of the 14 ” suggested, I also did this in the round and my Ravelry notes are here noting the changes to the pattern required to do this.  Knitting to 12″ is perfect as it only uses two hanks of yarn, otherwise I think you would need to break into a third making it a pretty expensive scarf at $20/hank.  The great thing about this cowl is that it is fully reversible.


So that’s my weekend planned, not bad since it is only Wednesday huh? What sewing projects are you working on? Anything new and exciting I should look at whilst I am branching out??


11 thoughts on “The Stockholm Cowl

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy!!! I’m tired for you! Isn’t Ultra Alpaca the best? I made a pair of mitts for someone once with it, and it’s just so soft and lovely!

  2. I so agree with you about the technical drawings of indie patterns… I want to see them too. I also think their photos are a little small to get the real picture. Donna’s dress is fabulous and she has the height to make it spectacular. I never thought to make it short.

  3. I love the Ultra alpaca too. I am loving the Tessuti patterns even though they are different to what I might normally wear. The Pia is getting great reviews – I look forward to seeing yours.

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