Perfect Travel Wear – Lady Skater Dress

I do believe I have found my perfect go-to winter travelling wardrobe piece…the Lady Skater Dress.

On my recent trip to Europe I needed pieces with that were warm, comfortable and could be dressed up. This little dress ticked all the boxes, so I took three with me. You have already seen my polka dot one which I love to death. Whilst it is great, it is pretty distinctive and definitely can’t be worn on consecutive days, people notice. Well aware I needed a couple more dresses less obvious I made these babies:

This is actually the first Skater Dress I made (the polka dot one was #2):

Lady Skater Dress

I used a rather cheap polyester ponte which does not have as much stretch as required, resulting in my dress being slightly tighter than I would like. I think that is why I have the armpit wrinkles. Another unfortunate side effect of the poly is static, it does stick a bit to my tights.  On the plus side, being poly makes it super warm!  So not perfect, but still quite wearable with some anti static spray.

My second one is made with a fabulous wool/angora blend that is soooo warm:

Lady Skater Dress

Obviously with full length sleeves this time, I wanted this baby to be warm! I strongly considered adding a cowl neck, but for easier layering left it off (this time).  The dress is much longer this time, not because I cut it differently but because this fabric actually stretches! Being black I could wear this for a couple of days in a row with different cardis or jackets and no-one was any the wiser hehe.

I should tell you that the pattern calls for elastic at the waist.  I didn’t realise this until I read someone’s blog post recently. I didn’t actually read the instructions at all, I just cut and sewed. Oops.  Not sure that it matters though, I am happy with the finish “as is”.

Lady Skater Dress

I think if you haven’t got this pattern, what are you waiting for? Super quick make, easy to fit, feels like wearing pajamas but looks pretty respectable! For two weeks travel, four of these dresses and some tights and cardis and that is all you need, leaving heaps of room in the suitcase for fabric!! (Note: I had only three dresses and felt like I needed just one more)

How did I actually style this when I was away?

Lady Skater Dress

Layers.  Lots and lots of layers. Oh, and I really did button my cardi up properly…eventually 🙂

Now, I have a question for you fellow sewing enthusiasts (if you have got this far).  I can’t help but notice that this pattern, the Moneta by Colette and other new releases are all looking pretty similar.  Has anyone tried the others?  Is there a reason I should try them?  In particular the Moneta, I was recently given as a gift but I haven’t printed it off yet.  It is currently taking the blogosphere by storm – is it worth it? Is it mindblowingly different from the Lady Skater or is the hype just because the size range is extended?  Someone convince me either way pleeeease.

Pattern – Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo
Fabric – 1.5m of dodgy ponte from & 1.75m of lovely wool/angora blend from Alannah Hill
Notions – thread from stash

26 thoughts on “Perfect Travel Wear – Lady Skater Dress

  1. I love the Lady Skater – I’ve now made 2 versions (1L/S; 1 3/4) and 2 mash-up versions. It is officially my most made up pattern ever. And I have more planned, with the Renfrew cowl neck, and the Maria Denmark Day to Night cowl neck, and a tie neck. And I’ve never once used elastic at the waist… (I read the instructions; I just ignored it. I don’t like elastic at the waist!)

    I love all your versions, but especially the blue polka dotty one! Isn’t the joy with travelling though that you can wear the same, distinctive thing on consecutive days because you are in a different place with different people?

    I’m curious too about the differences with Colette’s Moneta. It appears that the skirt, in any event, is quite different: full and gathered. But that would be a simple mod. And the neck line’s a bit more boat neck. Also a simple mod? But the Moneta also gives you lots of mods like collars and such like, which might be not so simple? … so … I can’t persuade you either way because I don’t have Moneta, but for myself, I am resisting. Mostly because I already have too many knit dress patterns! And this wee little resolution to not buy more patterns that are similar to patterns I already own!

    1. Unfortunately my travel involved being in the same place for several days with the same people so needed different outfits 🙂
      The moneta seems like the bodice is essentially the same. The collar variations are on free download so could be added to anything. The moneta skirt is just a gathered a-line, not tricky. It was a gift so I don’t want to be ungrateful but not sure it is worth the effort to print & stick together for what seems the almost the same.

  2. Fabulous dresses! And with the weather we’re having I totally appreciate your styling options. How was the postage from I’ve often wanted to buy from them but was afraid the postage to Australia would be extortionate.

  3. Love your dresses. I just finished my first lady skater dress and I love it. I didn’t put any elastic in the waist mainly because I didn’t have any but I also feel like a sack in the middle with elastic. I think this a perfect dress for an Aussie winter. The Moneta does look similar except for the gathered skirt and that is what makes me a bit cautious with it, I don’t need any more bulk in that area.

  4. I bought the Lady Skater today as it’s a style I love and I like what I’ve seen on the Interwebs. I’ve been thinking about it a lot so I’ve taken the plunge. I have two RTW dresses like this that are a bit snug…so I hope this is a good fix.

    I also have the Moneta…but only as I bought all three of Colette’s new releases (I wanted the book & the skirt). At this early stage in my sewing career I won’t make the Colette dress as the gathering looks like a hassle for a beginner (gathering knit, WHAT what WHAT)! I also like that the Lady Skater seems for thicker knits like Ponte.

    I’m not sure if I should add the elastic to the waist (I’ll see what is going in my RTW dresses like this) but isn’t a good idea for stabilization?

    1. The skater is a great dress, I am sure you will love it. I used ponte in two of mine and the elastic wasn’t needed for stability. The moneta uses the elastic to achieve the gathering so should be straightforward. I have a light knit that I am wondering if it would be better for the moneta? Or might do the skater with a full circle skirt. Dilemma, dilemma

  5. I’m totally convinced I need this in my life! With the winter chill descending, I am officially kicking myself about not buying merino on that stinking hot day! Doh!

  6. I love the Lady Skater, too! I made 2 ponte versions for winter and a pink/lt pink stripe version for spring. Love this dress! Your dresses are wonderful and I love the shoes you’re wearing with your red one.

    I think every Colette pattern is worth it. Sarai really designs great garments. G’wan and print it 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah.
      I like some Colette patterns, but recently I have been a bit underwhelmed with their releases. I really like Deer & Doe currently, have you tried them? Great designs and the fit is lovely.

  7. Wow, the wool/angora blend sounds really, really cozy! I really like the red version, too. It’s a different color than I’m used to seeing you in but it looks really nice on you! I just bought the Moneta dress to make for my sister (I don’t really like wearing knit dresses). I’d been considering the Lady Skater for a long time, but the waist seems very low on everyone who makes it and my sister is quite petite (I have to shorten at the waist everything I make for her), and I didn’t want to have to guess how much to shorten it by (she lives far away and I just make things, mail them, and wait for her feedback before making another version). I thought the Moneta would be more likely to fit without alteration. In my opinion, the Sew Caroline dress is just too expensive for a PDF pattern. I like her new top pattern, but I just can’t convince myself to pay $16 for a download.

    1. I love red 🙂
      I agree the Lady Skater is long in the body. For me, I’m 5’2″, I took just over an inch off.
      Those Sew Caroline patterns are crazy expensive especially for PDFs. I might consider it if they were new designs but I feel they are just versions of what is already out there. The new top is similar to a New Look pattern

  8. I’m a self confirmed Lady Skater junkie having made six now in the last few months. However, I’ve also just completed my first Moneta and I have to say it is a lovely pattern …. I really wasn’t sure about the gathered skirt when I first saw it, but in some ways I find it more flattering and comfortable to wear that my skaters. There is some ingenious shaping on the sleeveless version too that keeps the lining perfectly turned inside. I see many more Monetas in my future! I also think it makes a wonderful Maxi dress (as see on Jenny at Cashmerette).

  9. Hi there. I don’t have the Lady Skater but it does look fabulous on you! I do have the Moneta and have made it up once so far. I like it because of the wider neckline and the way that the bodice is cut at the waist. I also prefer the gathered skirt, as for me it disguises my tummy. But really, in my opinion they’re probably similar enough for you to just stick with using the pattern you have.

    On the link below the blog author has written a comparison of the two patterns down in the comments section, and she owns both patterns, so that may help.

  10. These look fabulous on you!!! That angora blend sounds covetous – I would buy up the whole bolt of it if i found something like that here (but that would be like finding snowballs in Hell haha!!)

    I hadn’t bought this pattern but got the Moneta because the sleeveless version has instructions for a lining, and my curiosity got the better of me, because I hadn’t ever lined a knit garment before! 🙂 Essentially though, they’re a pretty similar dress, and I probably wouldn’t buy one if I already had the other – in fact, I’m likely going to re-draft the Moneta skirt because I’m not a big fan of the gathered look on me – so mine might end up looking pretty similar to yours! LOL

  11. I agree that all these fit-and-flare dress patterns (both knit and woven) are starting to look the same. I haven’t bought any of them and don’t plan to, mostly because I’m not really a fan of the fit-and-flare silhouette in the first place. The indie pattern companies all seem to be designing for the same person… which apparently is not me!

    1. I do like a good fit and flare, but I only need one or two good ones, not a whole bunch the same! It will be interesting to see what this year will bring in new patterns

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