I had my birthday recently (yep kept that one quiet didn’t I?) and my darling husband was clever enough to recognise my subtle hinting and bought me the Flora pattern. OK I admit that I might have emailed the link to him so he didn’t forget!

I have muslined the wrap version of this pattern and am pretty happy with how that has gone, but instead of logically carrying on an making the wearable version I somehow got distracted and made the tank version.

I was very on the fence about this fabric, it is a bit pajama-like, so initially my thought was that I would use the fabric for muslins. However on finishing the bodice I decided I liked it so decided to use the rest to finish the dress.


The skirt?? The Flora astute of you will realise this is not the skirt of the pattern, I didn’t have enough fabric for the full skirt of the pattern so chose to use the Elisalex skirt, because what could be better than a By Hand London mashup, huh Roisin???


I am frankly really surprised with this pattern.  I really thought with the high neck that it would look atrociously unflattering on a larger bust…but I think it looks alright.

The skirt is a little shorter than I would normally wear. A direct result of me deciding it was too long and enthusiastically taking to it with scissors without really thinking/measuring/pinning or any other sensible approach. Again, not bothered by this, but have to bear it in mind when getting things from the bottom shelf at the supermarket – flasher alert!!


Now I’ll be the first to admit the bodice is not perfect, but it is too good to waste by throwing it away. I will totally wear this! I have added a dart to where I have the gaping and rotated it out to the bust dart for my next version.


Pretty sure you won’t be seeing the wrap version for a while, the fabric is a voile. The temperature here dropped considerably at the beginning of May and now tights are being worn almost daily. I have packed the dress away in a ziplock bag to be looked at again when the weather warms up…October?? Right now all I can think about is having my arms and legs covered!

I’m working on a few new things at the moment and working on filling up the gaps in my autumn/winter wardrobe. I’m also following along with Me Made May ’14, I didn’t make an official pledge, but I am wearing Me Made items everyday and posting my pics to Instagram, you can follow along here. So far this month I haven’t worn an outfit twice, so I guess I can’t have too many gaps to fill. Are you doing MMM either officially or unofficially?

Pattern – Flora & Elisalex from By Hand London
Fabric – 2.5m of cotton from stash
Notions – thread & zipper from stash

19 thoughts on “Floralex

  1. I confess I’m not doing MMM14 – I work too much and don’t have enough work clothes! I could sew work clothes but I own a big wardrobe of good quality clothes so it seems wasteful to sew any.
    Love this bodice on you. I bet you are going to love the full skirted version too!

    1. You have to sew what you enjoy.
      As you know I work from home most of the time so I can wear what I like. I don’t really have much RTW left in my wardrobe any more, even my client visiting clothes are ones I have made 🙂 My super corporate clothes are long retired to Lifeline 🙂
      I’ll try the fuller version when the weather shows signs of warming up. I need warm clothes now (I’m such a wuss)

  2. Happy Birthday!! 😉 the cold snap at the start of MMMay14 took me by surprise, but I’m warming up to it now – photos on the other hand are scarce 😉 I’ve been enjoying seeing your outfits on IG each morning

  3. love your dress but….I love those shoes. I need them – I am off to London on Monday and they would have been perfect. Oh well, I’m sure London will have some other beauties waiting for me.

  4. You little sneaky lady, hiding your birthday. Sorry the weather has turned for you. Sure you’ll enjoy getting this dress back out next year.

    1. Teehee, it was back at the beginning of April 🙂
      When I say the weather has turned, prob by your standards it is still summer 🙂 Today is 24 degrees and lovely and sunny, but the evenings are cool now

  5. Love the Elisalex/Flora combo and so pleased you carried on with the fabric, I love the combination of stripes and florals. The stripes look really great on the straps

  6. Happy late birthday! We should work out a wardrobe swap – this dress would be perfect for our slowly-getting-warmer weather and you can have my long sleeved dresses and tights! LOL

    Actually I kinda like sewing off season, because it’s a nice surprise when you unpack your seasonal clothes the next year and find things you only got to wear once – it’s like you just bought something brand new only better! 🙂

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