Is there a Doctor in the house?

Ah, yes, over here!! Ok not really, but I kinda feel like one in this latest make!!

Afternoon Blouse

That would be because I am an idiot and chose a plain blue voile that is decidedly reminiscent of The Doctors.


Oh dear.  I just need to remember to not accessorize with a stethoscope or mask!! This one is going to be all about the styling.

The pattern is the Afternoon Blouse by Jennifer Lauren. A simple pattern that can be made up in just a few hours, hence the name of course. Mine was an evening, and not even the whole evening!  To start with I would like to compliment Jennifer on the PDF, the overlap on the pages is the perfect width for a gluestick, so that made the process super fast.  She has also cleverly planned the pieces so that you can choose which version of the front you wish to print. Afternoon Blouse

I selected my size on my hip & bust measurements. When will I learn that I really need to select on upper bust measurement and do an FBA? The fit is ok but not perfect as I have some gaping around the neckline.

I really like how this pattern uses up all those random single buttons you have lying around. You know the ones that come with RTW in the little packets that you put aside, and long after the garment has been thrown out you still have the button??
Afternoon Blouse

What I liked about the pattern:
– a quick gratifying make
– the vintage feel
– it’s a top that is good both tucked in and untucked

What I would change for next time:
– raise the shoulders by 1cm
– cut smaller size with FBA
– use a better fabric choice, nothing uniform coloured!!

Afternoon Blouse

It’s so great to see bloggers producing patterns and I know Jennifer has a couple more patterns in the pipeline. I can’t wait to see them!

Pattern – Afternoon Blouse by Jennifer Lauren
Fabric – 1.4m of cotton voile
Notions – thread & single button from stash

8 thoughts on “Is there a Doctor in the house?

  1. Oh doctor doctor! Haha I wasn’t seeing the link until you put the picture up. I think you’re fine, seriously. This blouse looks very versatile, and lovely and light.

  2. Hahaha! You make me laugh! It is still a handy little top. But it does remind me of the greeny/blue linen jumpsuit (Salme pattern) that I made just prior to starting my blog. I have no idea what I was thinking- yes it was a favourite colour of mine, but also the same colour as scrubs and a very similar style too! I just couldn’t get past it.

  3. Ha,ha Lizzie,
    I laughed when I read your post.. I spent my life in scrub suits [I am a retired Respiratory Therepist]. I love your blouse.. I have seen some really cute ones on the blogs.. Looks really comfortable too. Happy sewing.

  4. I started making a pair of trousers and a Scout tee in plain navy blue poplin. I haven’t finished it for fear that someone will call ‘Medic!’ when they see me … Ah, the joys of poor fabric choice!

    This colour is lovely on you, though.

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