I am going to start my post my declaring my love for Japanese Tana Lawn!  Our local chain store Spotlight has it in stock, but normally it is priced above a price point I consider acceptable for that particular store. Perhaps that makes me sound cheap? But the store is renowned for budget fabrics and based on the rest of their stock, the Tana Lawn is expensive. But over a recent Public Holiday weekend (Easter I think) they were having 40% off storewide – that makes it more in my price range, so I bought a bit 🙂

Being a lawn I didn’t want to make a super fitted dress as the fabric is just too soft for anything super structured. I went with the Darling Ranges dress, a semi-fitted shirt-dress. I have a sleeveless version already, but I have a problem with the waist button and find that if I pull the waist ties too tight then it puts too much strain on the button and I get gaping. In complete contrast with Amy I decided with this version to omit the skirt buttons, and inserted an invisible side zipper. I also omitted the waist ties so I could wear a belt.
As I had made the pattern before it all went together pretty smoothly.  I had previously done an FBA and added a bust dart in the process, this time I decided to rotate the dart to the waist dart.  I am not sure if I would do this in the future as it has made the waist dart rather large making it difficult to avoid pointy darts.


Due to the fabric being so light and soft I sewed it up with a fine 70 weight needle. The button placket is non-functional so I didn’t bother with button-holes and I sewed the placket down to prevent pulling and gaping.

I remembered to take a pic of the inside!

I just love the print of this fabric, from the art deco style fans, to the dusky green colour and then the best bit – birdies!!!

How appropriate are these buttons ?  I really like how the tiering of the pattern mimics the fan shape.

One of the great things about the lawn is that even after sitting for several hours it doesn’t crease too badly.  I worked in this for several hours before taking these pics – WIN! I bought two more pieces of the Lawn in different patterns, I have made one into a shirt (to be blogged shortly) and the other is destined to be another shirt-dress. I will definitely see more of this fabric in my future!!

BTW – if you are wondering, I have now been told I have to wear glasses pretty much full time (instead of reading only), this is my new pair.

Pattern – Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielsen
Fabric – 2.5m of Japanese Tana Lawn from Spotlight
Notions – 4 buttons, 14″ invisible zipper and thread


56 thoughts on “Birdies!!

  1. I agree about the lawns, fairly nice quality but still a bit pricey. Do you also get those coupons emailed to you from the VIP mbership? Love the dress ;o)

      1. I often get a $10 off with minimum spend $10 or the like. The monthly get creative mag has $10 off with minimum $50 spend. But yes, the 30 or 40% off all dress fabrics are the best!

      2. hmmm…that seems like some people get different coupons than others. I have never seen the $10 off with min $10 spend. I love 40% off storewide, that is my favourite. I think they currently have 30% off dress fabrics

  2. I love this dress! Gorgeous fabric and such a good colour for you! Perfect fit and I love the shape of the neckline – I should really make something with a v-neck too.

  3. Oh wow that fabric is absolutely gorgeous, the dress really suits you! I had a few problems getting my darling ranges to fit and also ended moving the darts to the waist, my cotton version had the pointy nips problem but I did another in silk which worked out a lot better! Helen x

    1. I have the new version of this pattern, which has the darts moved to the waist. Next time I am tempted to try to move the dart to the centre seam and gather it like the Sureau pattern.

  4. The button and pattern co-ordination is just perfect. Its a gorgeous dress on you. I find the Spotlight lawns surprisingly good – but agree, quite pricey for the quality.

  5. Cute! They had those fabrics reduced for several weeks if you had a VIP card, too (totally agree about the price). I love the birds, I was very tempted but they just weren’t in a good colour for me – smashing on you though!

  6. This is gorgeous! I love the fabric so much, and the buttons are perfect with it. I’ve been thinking of making a Darling Ranges or Colette Hawthorn with a gathered skirt, so have appreciated your constructions details. It hadn’t even occurred to me that the buttons don’t need to unbutton, so thank you for that! Yey to no buttonholes!

    1. I love the ease of the Darling Ranges pattern and without a collar is a little more versatile for layering I think. It has super straightforward construction details and no fussy facings. Fake buttonholes for the win!!

  7. What a great dress, love the changes you have made to the pattern. All the comments on Spotlights Tana lawn have been helpful. I am always drawn to it but have resisted because I was concerned that it would wrinkle badly when wearing – and I agree Spotlight has it a bit pricey. I’ll wait for a sale and pick some up to try:)

    1. It really is a lovely fabric to sew and wear. It barely creases when wearing it but it holds shape well for construction. Lovely. Spotty have a sale today so I think I’ll be getting some more!

  8. Looks great! The waist darts look fine, not at all pointy. I love the colours in this fabric, great choice and works beautifully with this pattern.

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