Flashback Fun

I thought for a bit of fun I would share with you one of my first ever sewing projects:
Could I look more proud of myself?! I must be about 10 in this picture and I remember I was supposed to make a skirt but being as stubborn as always, I wanted shorts. Look, I have even used bias binding on all the edges, not bad for a beginner huh?

Apart from a tote bag I remember this as my first ever sewing project.

What was your first sewing project?

30 thoughts on “Flashback Fun

  1. Amazing! I was ten when my mom helped me make a basic elastic waist skirt and matching vest.
    It was brown cotton with little orange and green apples – so 70’s. She helped with the bias binding.

  2. Awesome work on that bias! Love the shorts. 🙂 I made barbie clothes for years before ever attempting to make something for myself. Then, when I was 14, I made a yellow sundress and reversible jacket to go over it. One side was eyelet and one side was white. I wish I still had it! Or at least a picture of it!

  3. I want those shorts now! I think I used to make pillows/pillowcases and blankets for my dolls when I first started sewing!

  4. Wow that is some flash sewing for a beginner! Think mine was shorts too and around the same age. They were a demin chambray with cotton lace around the bottom, sounds hideous now!

    1. I don’t think the denim & lace sounds too bad, in fact pretty sure I saw some with that description in the shops recently. Fashions always have a habit of coming around again (not always a good thing though)

  5. What a brilliant photo, and even more brilliant shorts! 10 year old you was not afraid of a challenge! My first sewing project was a humble shopping bag, and I would have been 11 because it was in my first year a secondary school.

    1. I have never been afraid of giving anything a go – not sure this is always a good thing, but I have never shied from a challenge. I don’t remember ever making a shopping bag…I made a wallet and a sports bag though

  6. Fantastic.. How wonderful that you have a photo of your first garment.. You did a wonderful job..
    my first garment was an a-line dress.. I did it in school [around 13 yrs old]. I picked the wrong fabric, and it raveled so bad.. It was not wearable, when I finished.ha

  7. Haha, love this picture!! You definitely look very smug. 🙂 My first sewing project was probably a quilt block when I was about the same age as you in this photo… but who knows!

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