True Comfort

I love to be comfortable at home, just bumming around in clothes that I can sit cross legged in. When I saw the new Hudson Pants pattern from True Bias I got excited. Now I know it might be weird to get excited about what essentially are trackpants. But I like that these are funky and have style. Even to the point that I would leave the house in them.

Hudson Pants
Obligatory Kelli pose!

I made my version out of a lovely merino fleece from The Fabric Store. Perfect winter fabric and it is a dream to sew with and wear.

Side note: This time of year it is starting to get cold, ok it’s not cold by other country’s standards but our homes are not built for the cold so we feel it more. A large number of our houses don’t have insulation, most don’t have built in heating and I have never seen a home in Australia with double glazing. So I feel I can be a little bit justified in saying it is cold when it’s getting down to 8 degrees at night.

Hudson Pants

I cut the size 14 based on my hip measurements and made no other adjustments. Mine are a little bigger than Kelli’s so perhaps I would go down a size next time, although this would depend a lot on the fabric choice. My fabric has a fair amount of stretch. I would also shorten them slightly next time. The pattern is designed for someone 5’5″ and I am 5’2″, I thought I might get away with it (and they are not bad) but maybe 1.5″ off for next time. Also due to me being short, they don’t sit on my hips like others, they sit closer to my waist, but I am fine with that.

Hudson Pants

The pants came together really quickly and I even followed the instructions, which are extremely detailed with diagrams, great for a beginner. Plus Kelli just did a sewalong if you need more.

The trickiest part I found was feeding the cord through, not so much difficult but awkward, it hurt my hands and then my safety pin came undone (gah!). I managed to use my trusty turning instrument (long metal stick with a hook at the end) to fish it out.

Hudson Pant

I have read some people have had difficulty styling these pants but I find they work well with Mandy Boat Tee style tees or I made a Plantain tee (above) with a high-low hem and I like that combination too.

Hudson Pants
Hudson Pants

I love the waistband detail and the 2″ elastic makes it super comfortable to wear. You will see I have added cord pullers as I found them in my stash, I think they add a professional touch. Note: a yard of elastic was plenty and I only needed 1.5yds of cord.

I have worn these pants all day, including to the grocery store, and I am in love. I cannot wait to make a capri version for spring!

Pattern – Hudson Pants pattern by True Bias
Fabric – 1.4m of merino from The Fabric Store
Notions – 1m x 2″ wide elastic, 1.5m cord, 2 x cord pullers

53 thoughts on “True Comfort

  1. Bloody hell. Now I want a pair… don’t suppose you are visiting the Fabric Store during sale period…
    I’ve got a bodkin for threading, a Merchant & Mills ones. They are worth the money… I didn’t think so til I got one!

    1. Not sure on going to the Fabric Store, it means taking time off work so undecided. Plus their merino is never included in the sale.
      Might look into the bodkin, thanks!

  2. Yay!! I adore these – and will post my 2 later this week 😉 Such a comfy pattern, and perfect timing for winter (we had a MAX of 9 last week – not nice!!!!). oh, and I made a Mandy to style with mine too 😉

  3. Great thinking making them in merino! What fantastic winter pants! I nearly chipped a tooth trying to yank a safety pin out from feeding it through a pair of leather joggers I made a while back. I was there in the heat of the moment ranking my sewing project above the health of my teeth… I might go invest in a bodkin now too…

    1. a tighter tee would do me no favours unfortunately 🙂 but I think a Nettie would look great (just not on me). Me, I’ll stick to the slouchy look, I think it works due to the legs being more fitted 🙂

  4. Wow, what an awesome pair of pants. Well done 🙂 I am heading over straight away to True Bias to get this pattern!!! I love these – they are very similar to a Bonds pair I’ve been wearing for weeks. Now I can make some more -they are so comfy, yet are very “wearable-outside-the-house”.

  5. Nice work Lizzie! I too have been eyeing these off… and have wondered if they could be done up in fancy-enough fabric for me to cross the threshold in! I think they just might 🙂 Yours look crazy comfy! x

    1. These are super comfy, although word of warning, after a week or so they have stretched out a bit. I will definitely size down next time. BTW – these would make cool PJs too right??

      1. I know. That’s what I find frustrating about the current sewing knits phase. They are billed as good for beginners but in my opinion there is too much variance for a beginner. Some knits don’t even stretch and a beginner wouldn’t get that. Only setting people up for disappointment when they make garments that vary so much.

      2. Knits are hardly for beginners!! My teacher ‘wouldn’t let’ me sew with knits until I’d finished her coursework and covered all the basics with wovens. I side on her side, certainly.

  6. Your trackies look great. I recommend a bodkin too… I have two different types and it makes it so easy (although it does come off sometimes – that’s annoying). I think it was just Birch brand and the two different ones were on same card. From memory I got it from East Coast Fabrics. I’m hoping the Fabric Store sale includes the merino as I need some for my son’s England trip in December.

  7. I love your version! Just to validate your weather point – we live in north eastern US but visit family in South Australia, usually in the winter time there – and I am ALWAYS colder in an Aussie winter (no central heating!)! Though those sunny winter days are delightful. We used to go to Brisbane in our spring holidays and coming back with a tan was always a highlight 🙂

    1. We have had gorgeous weather this winter, so spoilt, it has been beautiful and clear during the day and getting up to 20-24, just perfect. It’s just the nights I have trouble with sometimes 🙂 (I’m such a wuss)

    1. Thanks, I feel pretty funky in these, was kinda krumping around the house in them the other day 🙂 I was feeling pretty cool. Not sure I looked any good with my dancing skills though 🙂

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