Skater Hack

So you probably know by now that I like the Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo (previous makes here and here)

When Tessuti launched their Jaywalk Fabric Challenge I had all sorts of brilliant ideas on playing with the stripes and doing different directions etc. I ordered 3m of the fabric and started planning. Then before I knew it, time got away on me and I didn’t get around to making anything in time to enter the challenge. My work is very deadline based so I guess outside of work I like to rebel and do my own thing!

Several weeks later I pulled the fabric out with the idea of making a striped dress with chevron stripes on a princess seamed bodice. In my head though I had envisaged the stripes being smaller, but in real life they are a 1″ stripe and I felt too big for the effect I was after so a new vision took over. Enter the hacked Skater Dress.

Lady Skater Hack

Those of you familiar with the Lady Skater dress will notice I have made a number of changes:

  • shortened the bodice by 1.5″ as the fabric is quite stretchy and with the weight of the skirt this enabled it to finish at my waist
  • straightened off the bottom of the bodice so I didn’t have a strange striping issue at the waist. I cut straight across following the bottom of a black stripe
  • used a dirndl skirt instead of the half circle. I didn’t want the stripes angled and didn’t want a flared skirt. The skirt is a rectangle using the full width of the fabric so is 150cm x 55cm (before hems and seaming).  I used elastic to gather the skirt evenly.
  • omitted the neckbands
  • the most obvious change is my addition of a kimono sleeve which I have included a diagram below

Lady Skater Hack

Essentially I extended the shoulder seam by 10cm, added a small curve from the underarm, to enable the turning under of the sleeve hems, and then drew a straight line to join these and form the sleeve. This line is parallel to the side seam (although I just eyeballed this). I then did the same to the back. Construction was then just a case of joining the shoulder seams, the side seams, the sleeve hems (I prefer these in hemmed in the round instead of hemmed first). The neck is just turned under once and hemmed with my coverstitch (have I told you how much love this machine?).

Lady Skater Hack

It certainly is more scooped without the neckband and a little cleavage revealing but might as well make the most of it huh??

Lady Skater Hack

I ensured the bottom of the bodice was the bottom of a black stripe and the top of the skirt the top of a black stripe so when I joined them together it was still the width of one stripe and looks continuous, I am really happy I took the time to do this. Wonky and uneven stripes bother me A LOT!

This fabric was lovely to work with and feels amazing to wear.  It is a 92% viscose/8% elastane jersey and has fabulous drape with great stretch recovery. I still have about 2m left that I haven’t decided what to do with yet.

Lady Skater Hack

In homage to Lizzy and her post about accessorizing, here is how I wore this dress today. Normally I am a bit hopeless, I forget to add a necklace, scarf or whatever and almost always forget to wear makeup. It has never been a habit for me, but I am aware that I look more ‘put together’ and finished when I do. Something for me to work on 🙂

I was unsure how I would feel about wearing horizontal stripes, you know that old story of them being unflattering and making one look as big as a house, but I don’t think this dress has this effect at all. In fact is has fast become a wardrobe favourite.

Pattern – Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo
Fabric – 1.1m of Jaywalk fabric from Tessuti, this colourway not available but the ecru/white is
Notions – thread & elastic

51 thoughts on “Skater Hack

  1. So it’s that simple to make a little Kimono sleeve? I had NO idea…I might try that one day! Love your dress…I didn’t make it happen for the Jaywalk competition either…I think my top is destined for the UFO pile.

  2. Looks great! Love the sleeves. I bet it is such a comfy dress!! I love the horizontal stripes in the Jaywalk. I had to place them vertically in a dress for my littlest peep and every time I see her I feel like she’s off to ref a footy game. My other thought when seeing your photos was “ahh the joy of a Queensland winter! The sea! 😉 I’m pretty sure I didn’t own a decent winter coat until I moved to Sydney!”

    1. It is a super comfy dress, I have been living in it 🙂 I thought about vertical stripes, and I thought about diagonal and a mixture. Glad I stuck with the horizontal.
      We are definitely pretty lucky with our weather at the moment – today was 7 degrees above normal – 28 degrees, crazy for winter!!

  3. This is great and you look fantastic! Love this dress and the added sleeve – brilliant! Thanks for sharing. g

  4. Clever lady! What a great dress and it looks fab on you! I am notorious for forgetting to wear make up. If I remember to slap on lipstick for blog photos, it’s a great day. LOL!

  5. Gorgeous Liz! Love the shape of that neckline and the little flutter sleeves.Bet you’re glad you decided against matching chevrons…looking loverly my dear!

  6. This Skater Hack (that is a bad name for such a lovely dress) looks gorgeous on you. The kimono sleeve is s brilliant idea and makes this an all year round dress for QLD. I also bought 3 m of the Jaywalk with a head filled with wonderful ideas. The fabric has been washed and that is it so far!! We should have a Spoolettes get together wearing our Jaywalk creations.

  7. Love!! Although I may be a tiny bit biased seeing as I hacked the lady skater with Tessuti jaywalk myself. This is a really nice version with the kimono sleeves. Might have to steal that idea1

  8. Now this is a smashing skater dress. I really love the scoop neck and dirndl skirt. Looking smashing, Liz! (also, still heart those boots!)

  9. Love this one! Those kimono sleeves are perfect and the lower neckline is really flattering. And I totally had no idea it was so easy to make kimono sleeves, so thanks for that!

  10. Love your dress! I especially love the kimono sleeve hack! I have really short shoulders and have to alter EVERY set in sleeve pattern, so I simply avoid them and look for kimono sleeve style, but now I’m going to give this a go, so mwah, thank you.
    ps I’m new to your blog was just wondering where abouts in Brissie you are? I lived in Wynnum for 12 years and miss it so very much, your bayside pics are making me homesick…

    1. Sorry for the delayed response!
      I have narrow shoulders too, so this sleeve works really well for me too 🙂
      I am currently living up near Bribie Island so my pics are taken in and around there.

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