Cocooned in Kindness

Sometimes I am a bit overwhelmed by the amazing friends I have made through blogging as well as their generosity. I have been invited to sewaways, to stay with people I have never met before, out for dinner etc, all because of this little ol’ hobby called sewing.

It is amazing, the only thing we know we have in common is stitching and yet somehow it unites and makes us feel like we have known one another for ever!

Jalie Cocoon Cardi

Recently Kat of All the Whimsical Things arranged a weekend away in a gorgeous place setup especially for hobby weekends, a Sewaway if you will. I jumped at the chance and on a long weekend in June, fourteen of us descended on a lovely spot about an hour outside of Melbourne for a fabulous weekend of sewing, eating and some partaking in wine 🙂

Jalie Cocoon Cardi

One of the great things about sewing with so many others was the opportunity to share patterns, ideas and try one another’s garments on. Enter the Jalie Cocoon Cardigan. Kat was whipping this one up and it looked lovely so I had to try it on. Being at least 6″ shorter than Kat it looked completely different on me. It sat way longer past my butt and to me was the perfect fit of slouchiness, comfort and style

I love the layering potential as well as the bat-wing detail and the simplistic lines. Of course I asked Kat if she wouldn’t mind me borrowing and tracing the pattern.

Jalie Cocoon Cardi

A few weeks later and lo and behold MASSIVE SURPRISE – she sent me not only the pattern for tracing, but the whole jumper!!! TO KEEP!! How flippin’ generous is that??!  Yes I am shouting, but hell, I was (and still am) excited!!

Kat told me is was too slouchy for her liking and she is going to make a much smaller size. But OMG, her generosity is just amazing! I love this cardi and wear it loads. It is made of a lovely wool with a rib type pattern to it, although it really isn’t stretchy. But most of all it is unbelievably cosy.

I can’t comment at all about the construction process as I haven’t made it yet. Let’s just say it is a super cardi pattern and I definitely recommend it.

Jalie Cocoon Cardi

So what did I get done over the Sewaway? Sweet FA actually. I finished my green blouse. I started a Robson coat, but ran out of thread and couldn’t get more, then I started my Bleuet dress/shirt. Amanda and I were both struggling to finish anything, but we did finish more than a couple of wines!!

Jalie Cocoon Cardi

I am so grateful for the sewing community and all the wonderful people I have met. Hugs to you all!!

20 thoughts on “Cocooned in Kindness

  1. And the sewing community is super grateful to you too Busylizzie. What comes around, goes around. The cosy cardi looks great on you and a good match for your lovely dress.

  2. I’m jealous of your sewaway! It sounds like you had a great time. I totally agree with you about the loveliness of sewists – it restores my faith in the human race!

  3. I am always thinking how wonderful the sewing community is and how I’ve met some amazing friends through blogging. I never expected to actually meet people! The cardi looks great on you.

    1. Well I could hardly blog it as my own make and I was truly surprised and touched that Kat gave it to me. I love wrapping up in it, there is something so comforting about a cardi that wraps around like this 🙂

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