Simplicity 1880

Hello peeps! I hope you are all fine and cheery on this lovely day? Well, it is here in Brisbane, an unseasonably warm 29 degrees. Not bad for the beginning of Spring, although kind of makes me dread how hot the impending summer might be.

Today I am sharing with you a sort of re-fashion!! I’m not normally a person who re-fashions (I’m just not that imaginative) and if I’m not feeling a garment after it’s finished it would normally go to a charity bin for someone else to make the most of. But this time I liked the fabric too much and I had enough left over for me to reconsider what to do with it.

Simplicity 1880

Long term BusyLizzie readers may remember this dress, B5748. I was never happy with how the bodice sat and found I didn’t wear it at all unless I had a cardi over top. I loved the fabric and its swooshiness and determined to make it into something more wearable. I had about half a metre of the fabric left, so decided to take the skirt off and replace the bodice with one cut from the previously untried Simplicity 1880.

Simplicity 1880

I love a shirt-dress and seem to have a bit of obsession with collecting shirt dress patterns, I have loads of vintage ones and to be honest this Simplicity one is similar to ones I have so I am not sure what possessed me to purchase it. Although it is Project Runway branded and I am a bit of a sucker for those.

This pattern has two bodice options, one button up, the other a wrap and four sleeve options. Given my shirt-dress infatuation of course I made the buttoned version. I cut the size 16, graduating to a 10/12 in the shoulders and I am happy with the fit (I did tissue fit first). there is no pulling at the bust across the buttons or anywhere to indicate I need an FBA. This is most unusual, but of course the bodice does blouse so there is a bit of room to play with.

Simplicity 1880
Construction wise the bodice went together in a straightforward fashion with no unexpected surprises. The pattern has lots of little details that I really like, the back yoke, multiple waist pleats instead of darts, the sleeve pleats, the circle skirt and of course a vintage feel. The front buttons are completely decorative as there is a side zip for access. I used buttons from my stash of vintage buttons bought in the States last year.

My drapey fabric is much more suited to this pattern than a fitted bodice. I would suggest that a crepe, voile or rayon would be perfect for this pattern, the fabric really needs to have some drape to enhance the pleating and gathering detail. Aah fabric choice, such an important part of the creation process.

Simplicity 1880

I am so much happier with this dress for this particular fabric, although I still may shorten the skirt as it feels a little long. I am just not sure I can face doing all that hemming again. Last time I did a machine rolled hem and all that stitching, pressing and trimming took me forever!!

Simplicity 1880

So there you go my version of a re-fashion! Yay to a now wearable garment. Have you ever done this or do you just bin the project?

19 thoughts on “Simplicity 1880

  1. This is a great save and even though I really liked your Butterick version the shirtdress top is fabulous and sooo flattering. I have this pattern 1880 too and it is one of my favorite dresses to wear. It works so well in this fabric.

  2. Yes – to shirt dresses, great refashioning! I have S1880 but yet to make it up – I love all the options it gives. And I have an Emery waiting to be taken apart and have a bodice recut for it (my muslin lied to me).

  3. What a great refashion, beautifully vintage looking
    I adore my rolled hem foot because I am worried I might die of boredom whenever I hem a circle skirt any other way. Kudos to you for all that pressing the first time and even more kudos for considering a repeat attempt! (it looks terrific at this length, truly…..)

  4. Nice save! This fabric was definitely worth the refashioning effort & is such a great match for this pattern. S1880 is a real winner, isn’t it? I love the vintage feel that it has without being costumey. Very easy to wear.

    I hear you on the multiple copies of one pattern in different packaging front, but just think- you’d never have been able to grade between sizes with a vintage pattern! There’s always justification for these things 😀

  5. This is a fabulous dress – and looks great on you. I am now keen to purchase and make this dress: thanks so much for the post!

  6. well done refashioning this dress, it looks lovely! I wish I had the patience for refashioning as I like the idea, but I’m affraid my attention just goes to shiny new things…

  7. Excellent rescue mission. And I’m with the “hem looks great as it is” brigade, because I think it lends a nice amount of weight without looking heavy (if that makes sense; stop me, it’s sunny here and I’m not yet re-accustomed to being warm…). It’s an excellent length for swishing.

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