New Look 6587 – Yet another Shirt-dress

I make no secret of the fact I love a good shirt-dress and have made quite a few. New Look 6587 is an oldie but a goodie, first made a couple of years ago here.

New Look 6587

I made this up in a Denyse Schmidt quilting cotton bought at Harts Fabric during our travels last year. If the print looks familiar it is because I used the turquoise colourway for a Belledone earlier in the year.

New Look 6587
Sans belt just so you can see the construction

Construction was much the same as last time, although this time I did put on the collar stand. I also piped around the collar and around the cap sleeves as I feel the grey isn’t quite the best colour for me and needed a little ‘pop”. The flat piping I made from strips of broadcloth in my stash. Essentially made the same as bias binding, but folded in half.  The bias cut really helps it go around the curves and corners of the collar.

The buttons were also in my stash, originally intended for a Beignet skirt that never eventuated (and likely never will, having worked out high-waisted skirts are not for me).

New Look 6587

I added the capped sleeve option and I changed the skirt to have box pleats that line up with the princess seams instead of the gathered skirt with the pattern, it is also a little narrower.

These changes arose from two things. First the fabric is a bit heavy for a gathered skirt and I like the smoothness of the pleats. Secondly, my habit of trying to get a project out of fabric much less than actually required. I had bought 2.5 of this fabric as I often do with a dress but, oops, forgot it was yards and not metres. That is a big difference if you want sleeves and a full skirt! The fabric was only 44 inches wide, so I had to play “Pattern Tetris” as I so often do!

Old habits die hard, I really struggle mentally to buy more fabric than required. On the plus side, at least I don’t have lots of scraps left over in odd sizes too big to throw away, but too small to do anything with!

New Look 6587
Probably could take some length off the back but it feels ok to wear, perhaps I am just standing weirdly?

I have to say, I haven’t been wearing this one too much yet.  Whilst I like it I just don’t seem to feel like grabbing a grey dress when I am choosing my outfit for the day. I only seem to wear it when it is cool enough for a red cardi and red shoes to brighten it up. Overall I am happy with the dress, and the construction, but the colour needs some more time to grow on me.

New Look 6587

Speaking of Tetris, how fun is this game still? Or am I just showing my age?? Aaaah…memories…and there goes my afternoon!! (work shmerk)

PS – Sorry for the average pics, not sure why I was so frowny or looking down all the time. Must have been a glary day!

37 thoughts on “New Look 6587 – Yet another Shirt-dress

  1. I’d been thinking how much I love the colourway and was a little sad to read you are not so in love with it? The print and colour looks gorgeous. Plus the red trims and accessories are so good. I hope it gets higher in the rotation, perhaps you need more red shoes to help this happen?

  2. Doesn’t look grey to me….especially with the “pop” of red!

    I usually buy WAY TOO MUCH fabric, but that came back to bite me in the bum recently when the “just enough” fabric I bought shrank A LOT in the wash. It was pricey so I’m not going to go back and get more. Bye bye plans of a dress.

  3. I’m also guilty of squeezing projects out of less fabric than advised… now I have all these random pieces of fabric which aren’t quite enough to do anything with LOL.
    Love the shoes & belt. Adds a lovely touch

  4. Super cute. The piping is what tipped it for me. Could have been a just nice (but beautifully fitted!) dress but you elevated it to awesomeness with that piping. It’s amazing what effect little details can have sometimes. The belt and buttons make it too.

  5. This is gorgeous! I love the shape of the collar and the piping. I’m the opposite to you, and always buy too much fabric, and then end up with those annoying scraps. And, oh, tetris – how I loved that game! I am not clicking on that link though, I have to make the dinner!!

      1. I use them for facings, but I have some bigger scraps that are going to be made into baby dresses for my friend is having a girl next month.

  6. I like the piping too, it’s a lovely detail, but it is more of a background dress than the other colourway of the print, it is interesting how the overall look of a fabric can be quite different made up in a garment in comparison to a close view of the print.
    I always seem to have the “wrong” amount of fabric – either a Tetris puzzle or 0.8m in an odd shape left over – which makes a new Tetris puzzle of course! I love that game but I am resisting the link because I want to sew today.

  7. I think this colour is totally flattering on you, and the dress is lovely 🙂 I really prefer the pleats over gathers anyway, yours is so much nicer than the pattern cover! I always buy too much fabric, ALWAYS. I never seem to need as much as they call for on patterns, and often I’m buying without a specific project in mind so I buy what I think I might need and the result is that I now have a giant bag of weird extras haha ^_^

  8. Another gorgeous dress! The shirt dress is definitely your friend, I especially think the positioning of the pleats in this skirt is particularly flattering on you – lovely volume 🙂
    haha I just realise this morning that when we were have a group shot at Frocktails and we were talking about your silk dress (that silk was amazing btw) that when I put my arm around you – I may have inadvertantly stroked your fabric whilst you were wearing it!! 😛

  9. It’s a great dress – the pattern really suits you! And that fabric is gorgeous. It doesn’t look dull from the photos – in fact I love those little pops of red coming out.

  10. Liz, you are the shirt dress rockstar! This is such a you style- seriously smashing! And the pleats are a winner- they look much better than a gathered skirt would any day!

    1. Ahhh, you know I love me a good shirt dress 🙂
      Thanks on the pleats, I think in this fabric they really work
      PS – really bummed to have missed you in Brisbane this week, hope the conf went well

  11. I love everything about this dress and am writing down the pattern onto my “to get” list. 🙂 and btw, I think the fabric looks great on you, especially with the pop of colour in the piping.

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