Miz Mozelle Dress

I have had a hectic few weeks lately.  As you know I just got back from France and the UK, the weekend after I got back I headed to Sydney for Frocktails (for those unawares Frocktails is basically an excuse to make a pretty dress and then have a function to wear it to).  What a great chance to catch up with a fabulous bunch of sewists!

Check out these lovely ladies:

Ok, obviously that’s me in the middle, flanked by the ever gorgeous Mel and Susan.

I have sweet FA of photos, which obviously means I was talking way too much and generally having an awesome time.  If my voice the following morning was anything to go by, I talked a lot!!

Sometime in the period between my trips to Europe and Sydney I managed to squeeze in some sewing and made a new dress. I have had the Miz Mozelle pattern in my stash for ages and had grand plans of making twinsies dresses with Rachel, however she made hers first and declared it a bust so the pattern got put aside. Then curiosity got the better of me and I pulled the pattern out and decided to give it a whirl. Don’t know until you try huh?

Miz Mozelle

I’ve had this crepe knit in my stash for a while (bought at 40% off, oh how I love a bargain). I was going to make a modified Lady Skater dress, but then decided it was too drapey/clingy for that style. The Miz Mozelle was the perfect style for this weight fabric.

Miz Mozelle

I love the peter pan collar and the sweet keyhole detail and *SPOLIER ALERT* it feels like secret pjs to wear!

Miz Mozelle

I cut a size 14 based on my measurements.  I admit I never do an FBA on knits – yep I know I should…one day I promise!  It is definitely a bit big in the bodice and on the shoulders, but not so big it is uncomfortable or looks ridiculous.  I will size down for the next one and will also bring the shoulders in a bit.

Miz Mozelle

I sewed the seams up with my lightening bolt stitch so the inside is kinda ugly but I didn’t have any matching overlocker thread (or even close).  Next time I would change the order of construction and do most of it on the overlocker.  The pattern requires bias binding to finish the neck and arms but I wanted to use a navy crepe knit that I had originally bought to contrast with this green.  Not the smartest of choices as creating bias with super stretchy knit is near impossible.  Instead I overlocked one side, then stitched the raw finished side to the garment, turned the piece to the inside, top stitching it down so the overlocked finish is still showing on the inside.  For the sleeve finish, I folded the ‘bias’ in half and stitched it on so the raw seams are visible on the inside. TBH I am not sure how bias would have worked with this super stretchy fabric and think that fold over elastic might have been a better idea for a tidier and stretchy finish.  I am not too fussed as who is going to see the inside anyway?

Miz Mozelle

Rachel had suggested it might work better to cut the bodice and skirt in one so that I could place the waist elastic where I wanted, but by the time I got her message I had cut out already. It wasn’t a problem as the waist actually hits at a good point for me. I’m not sure how this would be for the tall amongst you, I am only 5’2″.

The bonus with cutting the bodice and skirt separately is that you can use completely different sizes and you don’t have to worry about “grading’ between them. Just stretch to fit!

Long story short, another new dress that I really love wearing. Plus I have worn it to a work meeting – I was secretly amused that I was wearing pjs to work!!

Miz Mozelle

Another new pattern marked off the to-do list (in my head)!

Have a great weekend everyone! I am off to Japan for a week and cannot wait!!

PS – Check out Rachel’s Frocktails dress, it is truly spectacular!

26 thoughts on “Miz Mozelle Dress

  1. This is really lovely – it’s the first version of this dress that I’ve seen that I’ve liked – it really suits you. That shade of green is great with your colouring. And your face is the cutest. Good face game, Liz.

    1. Thanks Roisin! It is a new colour for me, but I really like wearing it. It feels so fresh and spring like 🙂 not sure about the face, that’s just how I look. Like it or lump it 😀

  2. I love the colour & style of the dress on you Liz. And if it feels like you’re wearing our PJs then it’s win win win! Enjoy Japan. I can’t wait to see your purchases. I’m sure you’ll squeeze some fabric shopping in somewhere!

  3. This does look great on you. I made this a while back but it never felt right – kind of too cute on me but I think that was down to my fabric choices (I used a polka dot for the contrast). In these solids it looks really nice.

    1. Fabric choice makes such a difference doesn’t it? Can change the same pattern from dressy to casual, from smart to cute. Sometimes I find it difficult to sew with solids, but I find them easy to wear

  4. Absolutely gorgeous dress, green and navy are one of my favourite colour combinations. I really appreciate your posts as I am the same height and size as you and it’s nice to see which patterns work for you, I’m just about to make a Belladone after seeing how lovely yours have been!

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